• michelle

    I would do anything to go to paris!

  • oliver

    no, unfortuantely can’t afford it. my family’s pretty poor. A family trip for us is a trip to the wal mart. One time I saw a guy who looked like he was from enlgand or mexico or someplace weird like that I don’t know. Bpttom line I ‘m scared to go outside my home. I swear to god everytime I hear somethin movin in the night I wanna get my gun and blow its head off. but that’s besides the point. I like what you done here with your camera, looks like a whole lotta fun

  • lily

    I’m going in 3 weeks I can’t wait!!!!

  • ashley

    Do you have a photographic memory? I love this photo btw

  • high hopes

    never been to paris, i hear it’s incredible

  • high hopes

    how long ago did you take this shot, Tyler?

  • blue dream

    How many times have you shot in paris?

  • NY Mike

    why the fuck would I go to a place that hates my country? I say fuck em. I haven’t had a french fry since 2001. never forget

  • Kristen

    I went when I was a baby. Unfortunately I don’t remember it like it was yesterday. I don’t remember it at all really. My mother says I had a wonderful time.

  • stephanie

    paris = love

  • NY Mike

    love = death

  • fucking fabulous


  • wendy

    I went a couple of years ago, had to work most the time though. I’d love to go back and really check out the city, just never have the time

  • neil

    i lived there for 6 months, best 6 months of my life

  • becky

    This is the background on my computer :)


    paris is dirty as fuck


    seriously painted rust. like a 89 year old woman that still smokes , just caked in makeup

  • SEAL

    Paris is my second home. My father was born and raised there, best city on earth. Shame on you “champion”, more like chumpion.

  • JEN!


  • lauren

    please take me!!!

  • matt

    I was supposed to go last fall, but I had to bail at the last minute. I was so bummed, still am.

  • Heather

    i LOVE paris

  • soulmelon

    Paris, lover that once quenched my thirst, you broke my heart with no remorse, i retreat with regret of unseized moments.

  • littlewhiteship

    Gorgeous <3

  • http://shou.fr Steph

    Great shot !!!

    And to answer your question…not to difficult to go there…I’m leaving near Paris…;-)

  • http://shou.fr Steph

    Great shot !!!

    And to answer your question…not to difficult to go there…I’m living near Paris…;-)