couldn’t agree with you more mate. True love is the rarest thing of all. Fantastic photo by the way

  • ashley

    I feel like my life has been a collision lately.

  • Heather

    I think this is my favorite collision ever.

  • Heather

    How can I get a print of this?

  • Kristen

    I wish you could though, that would be so much easier! I just want to be loved!

  • lauren

    just made this my desktop background :)

  • wendy

    I once spent 3 and a half hours looking through the collisions. The layers are endless

  • oliver


  • Stephanie

    Can’t buy me love

  • donny


  • michelle

    Ok thats it, beach trip ASAP!

  • neil

    Love the colors in this one. Perfect contrast as per usual. Nice work Mr. Shields.

  • high hopes

    this shit is freakin me out man

  • lily

    stunningly beautiful. i love

  • NY Mike

    It ain’t my favorite collision or nothin like that, but it’s still pretty fuckin badass

  • blue dream

    seen em all, many times

  • blue dream

    my dream is to one day have a house that is only decorated with your art.

  • fucking fabulous


  • Big Gene

    Is this shit 3D? My mind is completely blown right now

  • Big Gene

    I mean completely.

  • JEN!


  • Adriana

    This looks as if it could be based on Poseidon (god of the sea) and his many consorts. I would have this on my wall at my summer beach house…if I had one. So for now, it will be my new desktop. Ashley Greene’s collision and this one are my favorites. Well done Tyler.