Private Screening

I had an amazing event on Saturday night I gathered 50 people in a room all dressed in black none of them knew what it was they were going to see or do they all sat down and 1 hour later they had all seen a compilation of videos one crazier then the next that most of the people in the room were apart of. It was an incredible night to say the least! Also I still have some limited edition prints for sale PRINTS!

50 people dead

emma roberts


dianna agron

tyler shields francesca eastwood



lydia hearst

colton haynes

emma roberts francesca eastwood

scott patterson

jenna ushkowitz


emma roberts tyler shields

tyler shields francesca eastwood

tyler shields

tyler shields emma roberts jenna ushkowtiz michael trevino

Thank you to everyone who came this was one amazing night!

Which is your favorite photo from the night?

  • amoeba

    the one with Dianna Agron ?

  • Caitlin

    Hey! Tell Trevino to take off that gray sweater in the last shot. Ruining the whole composition! hahaha You gotta love it when great ideas turn into something as cool as that. Love the first shot. Whose idea was it to have that guy in the front fact down on his foot rest? hilarious.

  • neil

    that first photo in the red room is AMAZING

  • fucking fabulous


  • blue dream

    They’re all great for their own reasons, looks like a good time was had by all :)

  • wendy

    Are you ever going to release the film to the public?

  • lauren

    Love the shot of you and Emma Roberts with the funny faces, soooo good!

  • Stephanie

    Does Tyler Shields have a new girlfriend?!?!?

  • jason

    Hard to have a favorite seeing as how I know none of these people. The one where it looks like everyone’s dead is pretty cool

  • ashley

    OMG soooo jelly wish i could have been there!

  • matt

    cool party bro

  • becky

    Umm why is Alessandra Torresani so freaking gorgeous?! I mean seriously, enough already it’s not fair to the rest of us

  • lily

    love this post tyler!

  • Madi

    The first one is awesome. Only Tyler could get so many famous people do something like this.

  • Sarah

    Where is Shiloh???! I see his name on the tags but not his photo, unless i’m blind or something lol
    love the pic with the revenge cast :D

  • amy

    Everyone looks so fancy, wish I could have gone!!!

  • michelle

    my fave pic is every pic cause everyone looks like they are having a blast! The top pic obviously stands out cause its different than the rest, love the red!

  • sexy mama

    Lookin nice Mr. Shields :)

  • mom

    Great pics, love them all. But, I’m with Wendy when will we get to see the rest?
    Much Love, Baby

  • blake


  • nastia

    the one with everyone – mr shields style and I love it

  • Georgina

    Michael Trevino. He’s simply amazing.
    You should do a photoshoot with him.