Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Ecclestone is a Billionaire heiress but there is much more to her then money she is not only grounded amazing and smart she also loves A1 steak sauce which is my favorite thing in the world. When we me at the gallery i told her I had a crazy idea and that I wanted her to get a million pounds in cash so we could shoot with it 24 hours later I was sitting in her bed with her and a million in 50s! After we played with the money it was to the street where she learned how to sweep followed by some ironing (her first time) then she made some eggs which was quite nice. We had way to much fun can’t wait to do it again!

Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Ecclestone money

Tamara Ecclestone shoes

Tamara Ecclestone tyler shields

Tamara Ecclestone shoes

Tamara Ecclestone ironing

Tamara Ecclestone eggs

Tamara Ecclestone

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

  • mom

    Love the shoot and really love the shoes! Always love when you meet another that loves A1. Tamara looks great in the money, all shots look beautiful yet domesticated. lol Hope she had fun, she looked beautiful.

  • http://easyphotoeffects.com Easy

    Those pictures are great and she looks beautiful you’re a lucky guy with such a great job!

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0006718/ uglysexy

    Gross…typical sybarite plutocrat…but at least it ain’t furz

  • bill_leslie

    Really? You (and she) thought it’d be a good idea for a spoiled arrogant do-nothing billionaire to rub it in our faces that almost $2 million (USD) doesn’t mean anything to her? To the Bastille!!

  • ed

    So much money… so little class. You can buy bigger boobs and a new nose. You can get lipo and hire and expensive personal trainer. You can buy all of this but CHEAP shows through. Let me guess, her dad earned all the money and he mom was from West Virginia (or Wales!)

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  • Wow

    wow, your photography sucks.

  • http://www.psPromotions.org Paris

    I think the model is amazing, but I seriously think the photographer did not make the shot.. It looks to staged and far. If the idea was to make her alter ego look like sexy vamp vixen, then it was a total fail. Tamara… if you need a good photographer contact me. I don’t need a million dollars to make you look like a billion..lol I’ll even do it for you for free..

  • Veron

    Absolutely FABULOUS! Creativity at its best! And A1 is so good on eggs!

    Love the shoes on the counter while Tamara is cooking. The street sweeping was my fav!

    Come to Thailand and take my picture!

  • kevin halls

    No wonder they want to bomb the shit out of us. What a dumbass.

  • Josh

    Art and grammar need to be one.

    1…there is much more to her THAN money.

    2. We had TOO much fun.

    3. Far to many punctuation and sentence structure abortions to mention.

    Time to graduate the third grade, my friend.

  • http://gerardinebaugh.wordpress.com/ Gerardine Baugh

    Great shots! She is very beautiful; you look guilty holding all that money. I like the photo of her sweeping with those background signs ‘danger’ great touch..

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  • rogero

    Any IDIOT with a Kodak camera could do better than this …….
    She looks like a fool ….NOT even sexy ????

  • http://DrakeKemper.com Drake Kemper

    The ironing shot is MONEY… pun intended.

    Beautiful work

  • Salistar

    Is this chick still fucking the evils that never came guy? I heard that’s where he gets the money to record his shitty albums…

  • Joy


    Tasteless, aggressively elitist, insulting given the state of the world. Mission accomplished I guess, if you want to try for a provocative ‘icon” at any cost, but I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with you.

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  • Diego

    How do you too look at yourselves in the mirror? First of all anyone that shoots and poses for these low class shots are not grounded. Shalowness at its best. Second the quality of the photos is sophmoric. What a couple of self deserving low lifes. Look up buffon and talentless and you will find the photos of these despearte clueless twits. I am not nauseated or offended its just that I feel sorry for each that they failed so miserably at being a human and a photghapher. Sad…

  • Diego

    What a couple of miserable humans and talentless twits. Sad.

  • Pookie

    @ Josh – Sorry to have to point this out because I agree with you on the grammar thing, but this is pretty funny…

    You posted…

    “Art and grammar need to be one.

    1…there is much more to her THAN money.

    2. We had TOO much fun.

    3. Far to many punctuation and sentence structure abortions to mention.

    Time to graduate the third grade, my friend.”

    I think you meant…

    Far TOO many punctuation and sentence structure abortions to mention.


    Is that irony or poetic justice?


    (Btw, Yes I’m only here to see the “racy photos” of Ms. Ecclestone. She’s hot in a skankalicious sort of way. Infinitely more shaggable than most billionaires I’ve seen pics of, as they’re usually crusty old dudes.)

  • donny

    Diego needs a hug. Would someone close to Diego please give diego a hug, from all of us. Josh, go fuck yourself you arrogant bastard. The only thing I can’t decide is if you masturbated before, after, or during your cowardly faceless rant. We get it, you have the same English education as the rest of us. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. This isn’t high school, this is an art website. Your sad rules do not apply here. The most hilarious part to me is that you have been affected by this art more than anyone else that has commented thus far. It’s right in front of you and you don’t even see it, because you are incapable of seeing it. Good luck with that. Lastly, she looks amazing. Great work as always.

  • China White

    Bad timing in the midst of Occupy.
    She looks like a rich cadaver. Hard to sex that up….

  • Pliny

    I’m tempted to rant on the callousness of these pictures in the face of the world economy and all that goes with it.

    But that’s not going to solve anything.

    I can only say this about Tamara….she had better pray to her gods that there is no such thing as ‘karma’.

  • lerch

    Thanks Tyler, I was trying to explain the word “Skank” to my wife the other day. This Skank is perfect. Really you did a wonderful job capturing that Skank as she really is. Just point and shoot right? Great job hiding her fat knees too!

  • radical

    I would marry her in a second,,she looks delicious! screw the money it’s not as Hot as she is > )

  • http://n/a axetone

    Despite the hype of what she’s got I was not impressed. In fact I find it a bit repulsive that someone with so much would be so inconsiderate within the public spectrum to have degraded her worth with such a portfolio. The truth is you (the photographer) lack shame and should make every effort to re-commit to a better planning of what is being communicated. It’s one thing to photo the reality of hard living, it’s another to fake it. Here’s a suggestion…you should have done a set titled “Baroque”…high definition and very busy (detailed) photos…~the play on words being classic, classy, and just plain fun (as in broke). …just my two sense (as in peace sign). Ciao!

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  • http://yahoo clink

    Wow! I agree that rolling in money, is like rubbing salt in a wound to the hard working citizens of the world! So glad that I am not an heiress. There is a lot to be learned by good old fashion hard work. Piff! Just poor taste in photography.

  • mike

    If u look at the comments, then there are alot of jealous little american virgins :)

    Nice photoshoot.

  • CrazyLilPartyGirl

    You say she is grounded and then get her to treat a million pounds like trash and say she has never ironed before?
    Thats not grounded. Hardly an original idea for a photoshoot either when it is a ‘billionaire heiress’.
    I expected more from you Tyler.

  • http://www.tylershields.com Andrew-Himself

    Where are the naked boobies of this nice woman?

    Greatz from Rotterdam, Holland.

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  • mano


  • michael

    get fucked u dirty americans. Fucking hate them red neck twats. Wish some1 would just bomb the dirty twats

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  • John

    What a whore! Good work.

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  • Janne

    Someone linked this. I think your work is quite one dimensional. You take cliché’s and techniques from an array of established photographers and rerun those on some other 2nd grade celebrities. Sorry. Your images all lack emotional depth and look incredibly staged the first second you notice them. Makes me want to go elsewhere right away. Photographers who do things that make you look twice. Sorry, Tyler. But you need a lot of PERSONAL development. Else it’s just mass-production sameness.

  • JoshIsAnIdiot

    Josh Says:
    “October 17th, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Art and grammar need to be one.

    1…there is much more to her THAN money.

    2. We had TOO much fun.

    3. Far to many punctuation and sentence structure abortions to mention.

    Time to graduate the third grade, my friend.”

    Dude, you made a grammatical error in your post about other people making grammatical errors.

    See if you can find it, idiot.

  • Jesus

    Donny comment 23 rocks my world. And this has to be the best group of comments ever. Never seen so many people equivocate money to self worth and then attack a photoshoot because they don’t have the same pieces of paper Tamara gets to play with. Amazing to see how offended people get when they are shown what they don’t have but THINK will make them happy. Classic. I think she looks fun and sexy. Nice work Shields.

  • Rick

    so much hate!

    looks like someone had fun staging these photos. Too bad it sure isn’t many of the commenters here.

  • Moon Scarlett

    Too bad a lot of people react negative to such art. I think it’s amazing and rebelious, Tyler you’re my rolemodel

  • http://twitter.com/lucastamarossi Lucas Tamarossi

    I’m throwing on my Louboutins. I’m throwing on my Louboutins

  • Mark123

    having worked with tyler and spent time time with tamara i do feel strongly about these images! albeit im not a fan of this work but tyler is far from one dimensional and tamara is not a skank and knows as better as anyone how far a million really goes, her foresight and awareness of her wealth really grounds her personality regardless of how people perceive her! … back to tyler personally agree and average techincal photographer but a great conceptual artist who deserves as much the oppurtunity and recognition as every tom dick and terry (understand the pun for american fashion photographer) keep up the good work/f*ck the haters x

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  • http://twitter.com/KaliChan Kali

    Oh you people….always so quick to open your mouths, but so reluctant to open your minds. 

  • S.A

    how do some of these people even find this website? I suppose that at least they are looking at art which can’t be a completely bad thing.

    The photos are brilliant and Tyler Shields is so lucky to move in these circles and have the opportunity to shoot these kinds of thing.