• Angel

    So, if you really love her, you’ll sex her even when she’s on the rag. More men ought to be this open!

  • blake

    This effected the shit out of me

  • Littlewhiteship


  • cool beans

    holy fucking shit

  • amy


  • NY Mike

    This picture is really intense. Been listening to Radio Dept. all day.

  • high hopes

    what da blood clot

  • Sal

    Nothing that isn’t worth fighting for is worth doing, in my opinion at least.

  • oliver

    Stereolab “French Disco”

  • ashley


  • jason

    oh man love this one! sometimes you gotta say fuck it and get the job done.

  • these arms of mine

    this should be an album cover

  • michelle

    death cab – transatlanticism

  • JEN!

    there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for love!

  • blue dream

    give peace a chance

  • lauren

    this is too much for me Tyler, I can’t look directly at the screen. My god man.

  • neil

    Lauren– that’s awesome! great work Tyler, nothing can trick the mind like the eye. Cheers!

  • fucking fabulous

    i fucking love this
    and today is all about beyonce


    I don’t think you’re really trying until a little blood’s been shed


    song of the day – Black Keys “I got Mine”

  • Stephanie


  • Caitlin

    Dangerously close to a statement about war. But love this as it relates to love. After this shot, Mat Kearney is on my playlist for the day.

  • Madi

    Scared the fucking hell out of me. <3 I love it to death though.