Smartest Man

Smartest Man is the first novel I have ever written and its out today here
Smartest Man is the story of the smartest man in the world and how he becomes the Smartest Man I must warn you this is a crazy book and a wild ride not for the faint of heart!

smartest man book cover emma roberts

tyler shields smartest man book cover emma roberts

Click on the link above and check out the book! A big special thanks to Emma Roberts for helping me make the perfect cover!

Did you enjoy the book?

  • blake

    That’s the sexiest book cover I have ever seen, I am about to read the book very excited.

  • monica

    awesome feat. what’s next? photographing the president. anyway, look forward to reading when I can afford to buy it.

  • Thea

    Uhm. Okay. My favorite photographer venturing into writing? Is this real life? Your photography is so striking and evokes so much, I’m sure your literature would be just as impressive… I thought it was impossible to love you more but I guess I was wrong. Definitely buying this asap!

    Congratulatulations on this feat, Tyler! :]

  • Blake R

    Get it published in hardback!! I hate my kindle. Regardless, i’ll suffer the eye pain to read it.

    PS When is your TV show coming out?

  • high hopes


  • amy

    Just bought it can’t wait to read it!

  • neil

    Your imagination truly fascinates me. The imagery you create is so powerful, the thought of it being put into written form is beyond exciting

  • Stephanie

    :) :) :)

  • these arms of mine


  • fucking fabulous

    Where in the world did you get a human brain? Do I even want to know? Who am I kidding yes, of course I do!

  • oliver

    I love the warning at the beginning, brilliant!

  • blue dream

    Emma Roberts is officially my favorite actress! This is fantastic Tyler, very happy for you gonna by it as soon as I get home!

  • Jordon



    Love the cover, that should be on a t shirt.

  • lauren

    sooooooo good!

  • Kristen

    Tyler Shields the author? I like the sound of that :) Keep up the amazing work!

  • cool beans

    hardback would be the shit, pretty psyched on my kindle though. Nice work as always

  • Sal


  • donny

    mozel tov!


    The revolution will not be televised. The revolution is here.

  • Heather

    This is the definition of awesome.

  • devils

    I love it man. and i fuckin hate books

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  • obamaubetcha

    that photo of you two is amazing

  • Miss Sunshine :)

    I LOVE her!!!

  • Walkerrrrr

    so dope

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  • Littlewhiteship

    Fucking brilliant!

  • brittany

    What the shit is with you writing without punctuation or proper grammar? I have a hard time reading the captions of your photos without getting fucking pissed off; I can’t even imagine tackling an entire novel of run-on sentence after run-on sentence.

    Can you honestly just tell me why you choose to write this way?

  • steffi

    I fucking love your book!!! Great job!!!!

  • LisaJK

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring this out hardback I don’t own a kindle and I don’t want to I want this book to take on my trip to Africa next week DAMN IT so guessing that wont happen but anyhow cant wait to read this!!