If you have yet to see Revenge watch an episode 6 hours later after you have watched them all you will find yourself standing around what just happened to that 6 hours and how did it go by so fast… Connor Paolo is a good buddy of mine and when he told me everyone on his cast was awesome and game for a crazy shoot I had my doubts, its rare that the entire group of people are all awesome and all game they did not disappoint! This shoot was so fun and such an incredible group of people can’t wait to do it again…
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the cast of revenge

pillow fight

the cast of revenge shirtless

the cast of revenge feathers

nick wechsler emily vancamp joshua bowman

the girls of revenge

emily vancamp

emily vancamp

When we were shooting this people stopped and asked if we needed an ambulance they thought everyone was seriously injured!

Do you watch revenge?

  • Thayna Camila

    So beautiful! Beautiful image quality. Have more pictures? And these can be greater? Well I wanted to post on my blog! Can I?

  • Luiz Fernando Biella


  • Priscilla S. Boecker

    Just love “revenge”. It’s a cruel show. Amazing! Thoose pics are HOTT.

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  • penelope curiosa

    I love Nolan. 

  • mystery

    these pictures are fantastic, but good lord, your grammar skills are lacking. learn to punctuate! i have to read what you’re trying to say several times because it’s all one long sentence!

  • KellyPan

    You should not criticize someone else’s grammatical errors if you yourself are lacking in them.

  • Gemma

    just tell me the second from bottom photo is Emily Van Camp and Gabriel Mann and I’ll be happy, amazingly beautiful sexy pics I’m quite jealous :D

  • Grace Kelley

    These are amazing! I love this cast. Especially Gabriel Mann and Nick Weshler :)

  • Nana Silva

    Yes !! And Ilove it !!! The most exciting serie at the moment!!

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  • jgrass

    nolan is so  cute?i think he loves jack :)

  • Graham Tate

    Wish we could view high definition :D

  • real shit
  • Angie Alal

    love love lovee themmm

  • gemma anderson

    wow i can’t beleive olivia died so sad

  • Double Infinity

    Someone somewhere made a great collage of your photos from this album- it is my background for my desktop. Brilliant work.

  • Putriyanti

    Awesomeeeee….i love Nick Wechsler, Josh Bowman and Gabriel Mann <3 <3 <3

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  • ? Akira Star ?

    I love this shoot! I love this show! :)

  • John Capehart

    Tacky crap. Signature Shields. 

  • Emily H Jason


  • Emily H Jason

    i love Emily Vancamp  she is my favorite actresss.

  • Assburgers

    Why are these considered good pictures? They look like pictures you would take with your friends while drunk and out somewhere. There’s nothing unique here. Wow three anorexic girls standing nexting to each other in leotards, haven’t seen that before. Oh look people playing with feathers and blood, that’s really different. Haven’t seen that in a million movies or magazines. Plus the boys suck as models, the look of pain on their faces is fake, as is the look of admiration for the girl. This just looks like sleep over pictures, good job.

  • Amy Catrell

    clearly you dont know what anorexic is because these girls are perfectly healthy

  • Fordy

    This photo shoot if this was the main ad campaign i would not watch the show it dose not show the affluent atmosphere that the show actually has:(

  • Nicole M Nygaard

    Lacking in them? Lol. I don’t think grammar is the only problem here.

  • Kali

    LMAO. You are SO pressed…

  • hannah choy

    Awesome show. Awesome photoshoot!

  • jessy cruz

    I love Revenge and Emily is the best

  • ANG


  • Raquel Hidalgo

    Fantastic :D Like like!!!

  • sabinapie

    OMG! this pictures are AMAZING! I <3 Revenge.

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