Jenna Ushkowitz Michael Trevino and Emma Roberts

Jenna Ushkowitz Michael Trevino Emma Roberts and I all got together for a night of Teddy Bears and rain drops also some fire seemed to make its way into the mix! Emma Does play the perfect daughter for any family… Also check out Emma on the cover of SMARTEST MAN
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jenna ushkowitz michael trevino

jenna ushkowitz michael trevino kissing

jenna ushkowitz michael trevino kissing

emma roberts

emma roberts

Jenna Ushkowitz Michael Trevino and Emma Roberts

Jenna Ushkowitz Michael Trevino jack daniels

Jenna Ushkowitz Michael Trevino  Emma Roberts tyler shields

You can’t photoshop passion something about shooting a real couple that is so magical!

Ever had a kiss in the rain?

  • Erin

    everything is gorgeous as usual! michael and jenna are perfect together.

  • Blake R

    It’s as if Muse write their songs for your videos.

  • sexy mama


  • Stephanie

    They look so amazing together, I’ve never had a kiss in the rain like that :( Some day..

  • blue dream

    i love it when you use radiohead

  • michelle


  • oliver

    Brilliant video mate. I particularly like the part where the two shots fade together and you see Emma running in the background in what seems to be the same shot. Really impressive editing.

  • high hopes

    Holy shit is he fucking floating!?!

  • dead rats

    that guy looks fuckin intense

  • dead rats

    Like incredible hulk status, pretty impressive

  • fucking fabulous

    AMAZING :)

  • NY Mike

    I had my own version of the jack daniels shot in real life, only it ended with my ex smashing the bottle on my dresser and lunging at me like a wild mountain lion

  • Miss Sunshine :)

    I cant stop watching the video!


    That black and white shot of Emma Roberts sitting next to the bear is my favorite picture of all time

  • these arms of mine

    awe these are magical! Wish you would take a pic of me and boyfriend!

  • cool beans

    Man the lighting in the rain shot is insane! Good stuff as always ,Tyler

  • Big Fan

    More Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz! Super beautiful couple!

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  • wendy

    I got topless and made out with a Biker named Steve in the rain a couple years ago in Daytona.

  • ashley

    Radiohead + Tyler Shields = magic

  • Walkerrrrr

    Michael Trevino is a badass!


    Man your videos just keep getting more and more weird, keep it up

  • Us

    3rd one!!!

  • ANNN

    Ok, your job is great !!! Keep rocking!! Hey can y make a Dianna Agron , jessica szohr and Emma Roberts photo shoot??

  • gebeee

    I love emma roberts! Im IN LOVE!!!

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  • lauren elizabeth grooms

    tyler, i don’t even know if you’ll see this, but i have been a fan of yours since i was 14.. when i found you on myspace. (i am now 20) your work has always baffled me in amazement and i’m so glad you’re doing what you love doing. i’m so excited to start reading your book.

  • Faby

    Emma is so perfect!

  • Caitlin

    Great editing of the vid. I’m not sure what it is about the photos but there is something that makes me keep coming back to them. I could always use more Trevino in my life.

  • tyler

    @lauren elizabeth thank you so much! let me know what you think of the book?

  • Kay Emslie

    Love the rain photo!

  • Pam

    Darling Jenna and Trevino….just wow, yup magical. So happy you two found one another ..

  • Gwen

    You photos are amazing! I love all of them, and I’m completely honest about that. Oh and EMMA ROBERTS ROCK! :D

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  • Youonlyliveonce

    2 bad he cheated on her with Lindsay Hohan

  • jess

    yaaaa…..i dont get it.. i mean the pictures(michael trevino) are nice but they make no sensee 2gether

  • Assburgers

    Yeah, again, the sleep over theme, why? I thought you were an ‘edgy’ photographer, so far I’ve seen nothing but someone trying to make ‘gothic fluff.’ Are you emo?

  • H N

    oh wow I LOVE the Michael Trevino floating picture! That is very thought provoking I love it

  • Pauuline

    OMG, Jenna and Michael are like the best couple.EVER. seriously, that kiss in the rain? WHOA

  • Isabel622

    Jenna’s so ugly. I don’t know what he sees in her/ how he looks at her

  • Lisa

    Jenna’s gorgeous, what are you talking about? It is a shame that he cheated though…

  • Soofii_94

    la verdad que me parece que hacen una pareja espantosa. no se que se ven. el tendria que estar conmigo. chau. ya se va a dar cuenta y va a venir suplicando por mi amor.

  • Soofii_94

    isabel sos lo mas genio que lei en esta pagina, no se commo no hay mas personas en el mundo que piensen como vos. no podria estar mas de acuerdo con tus palabras. saludos

  • Alyssa

    He cheated?? Really?? When? I never heard this…

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