• Lucinda

    Hellooooo Mr Shields. I adore your work – phenomenal. I hope you don’t mind I used you as an example in an assignment. I got good marks for it, though :)

  • Jadey

    Such a beautiful shot. I love your work so much.

    I used my camera this morning changing the batteries and taking some test shots so I can go out this evening.
    Is it weird that I still get that rush when I go out and take some fun shots?

  • http://twitter.com/#!/VeraPanthera Vera

    Tyler…u as usual made some freaking fantastic shoot! U never cease to amaze me!
    as for your question i used a camera last month…but i better do not show what was in the result of it))

  • http://twitter.com/Yeremenko12 nastia

    Oh, Tyler, anything you shoot becomes a masterpiece and all the efforts are put into this masterpiece become worthy when I see such a result! The photo is just amazing! I will never get tired of admiring your endless talent of turning impossible into possible!
    I don’t actually remember the last time I used a camera like this one, maybe a couple of years ago… But this so true “A camera is just an expensive paperweight if you don’t use it…”. And a camera in the right hands makes the result incomparably sensational! Keep doing what you’re doing! Your art keeps me moving forward!

  • http://Kristilombardo.tumblr.com Kristi

    The last time that I used a camera was last night. I’m taking a photo class and have been continusly looking to you for inspiration. Do you have any advice for an aspiring photographer??

  • sin

    I love this picture!!

  • http://twitter.com/_Starski_ Akira

    Good Morning Tyler!!!!!!! I abso-freaking-lutely adore your work. One day, hopefully, we will work together. Keep up the good work. And I wish many years of success for you. :)

  • Leslie

    I majored in Photography for a semester and Advertising the semester before that. When I look at your work, it makes me want to go back so badly. But I realized that Photography isn’t the right career path for me. I love it, there’s no doubt about that but not as a career. Your work inspires me to keep at it though. I love your ideas and concepts and the lighting and the location. Everything just so perfect for your subject matter.

    The last time I picked up my camera was for my final project last May. I did the Seven Deadly Sins and it was my best photo set and the one I was most proud of. You inspire me to pick it back up again whether it’s for candid shooting or actually planning a photo shoot.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/RiverDeJaneiro Rio Nicole

    Using something that creates art as the focus of a piece of art. Love it.
    Taking the chance of being caught on fire. Even better.

    Just used my Polaroid last week to take a picture of my 35mm.

  • VarianteM

    I bet that was a hard shot. And great admiration for the model :) I once myself almost had my hair burned during the session, know the pain. Keep up the good work. Love your style Mr Shields ;)

  • mom

    JAX airport, taken a picture of you and Francesca leaving!

  • cool beans

    great shot!

  • lauren

    I think I take a picture of something with my iphone at least once a day

  • amy


  • blue dream

    just made this my desktop background

  • Heather

    I try to use my camera as much as possible, which unfortunately isn’t nearly as often as I’d like. Last weekend I went to the beach with my dog and shot some random stuff. It’s always exciting for me to see the results, good or bad.

  • neil

    The lighting in this shot is incredible. Well done sir

  • ashley


  • becky

    My camera is broken, which sucks. Full on paperweight mode. Just gonna get a new one when I can afford it.

  • michelle


  • Pickle

    So amazing!

  • Littlewhiteship

    Absolutely stunning.

  • http://www.abigailbiddinger.com Abigail

    Beautifully stunning shot!!! Absolutely love this!

  • http://lizziefreshhh.tumblr.com/ LizzieFreshhh

    This inspired me to crack out my 35mm!

  • cardinalfan

    Amen and Amen

  • Anonymous

    I have a Diana mini and I Love it bcuz its film

  • C Knehr

    Tyler, if I may ask, What camera were you shooting with in the cab in London on the latest episode of Mrs. Eastwood and co?