• Ashley

    Awesome photo! Liking the new layout, had to double check at first to make sure i went to the right website haha


    Glitter is the absolute worst to work with, but it always looks amazing so I guess it’s worth it.

  • blue dream

    mouthful of pixie guts!

  • neil

    Congrats on the movie!

  • Kristen

    Umm, so this is amazing.

  • high hopes

    new layout is dope

  • Stephanie

    Everything about this post is awesome

  • dead rats

    man i think you decimated half the pixie population to make this photo. that’s pretty cool.

  • matt

    This is crazy i’ve been lookin at that old layout for years! Change is good

  • Robyn

    Now I have something to look forward to, a film by Tyler Shields.

  • Robyn

    PS Tweet button is awesome.

  • lauren elizabeth grooms

    love this. and really excited about the movie! wow. congratulations :)

  • http://www.abigailbiddinger.com Abigail

    Love! Love!! Love!!! Too much glitter is nonsense.

    Ps. Congrats on the movie!

  • monica

    Movie/Site: Change is great! Glitter = yummy! Nom. Interesting to work with… Gets everywhere.

  • http://thegayte-keeper.blogspot.com thegaytekeeper

    PURE awesomeness, can’t imagine what it taste like afterwards though : – )

  • donny

    so good. all of it.

  • sexy mama

    You can’t stop glitter, you can only hope to contain it

  • http://flyinglions.blogg.se FLYING LIONS

    Really awesome! Haha, first I thought I’d come to the wrong site… ;) But really really nice looking!

  • oliver

    love the new site, congrats on the upcoming project

  • JEN!


  • Nico

    Bella’s first blowjob. Love it! As all your work, I love the atmosphere of your photographies, thank you for sharing all this!

  • mom

    Love glitter! Great picture, found an old bottle of glitter for the body in a draw in your old room. Maddie and Jacob wore it almost everyday!

  • Lou

    Wasn’t sure at first but yes this is TylerShields! Really nice pic! Not a big fan of the white though. Still change is good!

  • Keats Malory

    glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts.

  • real shit
  • SMG Hunter16

    Edward was here…..

  • http://attybladorny.tumblr.com/ Cristina Blardony

    I just wanna know what her lipstick is!

  • deedee247

    I want this on my livingroom wall.. like yesterday lol

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  • justin r stegman the 1st

    excuse me i was in a band called mouthful of glitter, and therefore find this photograph extremely offensive. youre lucky i was too young to afford a trademark mr. shields.