• Horses are beautiful

    this shot is amazing. i know you must have gotten a lot of crap for it, but its sheer power alone is worth it. 

  • The 4th realm

    I think your book is my new favorite book ever! When are you going to write another one? 

  • Holly


  • Walter Kervgan

    I hadn’t heard of revenge till I saw your pics of the cast. Now I’ve seen every episode! It’s a fun show to watch I highly recommend it

  • Homer

    mmm, steeaaakk

  • Smooth Criminal

    kodak is my favorite shot of all time

  • Madeline

    I LOVE the shots of you and Francesca! SOOOO Goood!

  • dead flowers

    I have spent hours in your portfolio section

  • great balls of fire

    Holy shit man you’ve been busy!

  • amy


  • Kelly

    your website is my daily inspiration

  • SAM

    :) :) :) :) :)

  • David

    brilliant stuff here, cheers!

  • Terminator X


  • Rawr Panda Heat

    That shot with the meat is fucking insane. All of your shots are for that matter, I love it!

  • Flattens

    This is nothing but more MK Ultra mind control degrading pictures of Mischa Barton who is a mind control slave. Tyler is definitely successful, why? Because he works for the Illuminati doing all these perverse illuminati symbol laden photography. How convenient for him.

  • real shit