LG Nitro

Thank you to the amazing people at LG for bringing me to NYC to launch their new phone, LG Nitro, with an amazing true HD display and an incredible camera they told me they had created the best camera phone ever and upon testing it i cant disagree after shooting with it a few times. The phone is 8mp which means I was able to print this photo 60 by 40 inches on canvas and the resolution was insane… There will come a time when cell phone photographers exist and never used a normal camera technology is growing at a rapid rate and its not about what you use as how you use it!

lg nitro tyler shields

This was shot on a phone using the LG Nitro with no flash and no digital effects!

Have you ever taken an amazing cell phone photo?

  • Bananas!

    every photo i take is amazing LOL 

  • Tex

    she’s got legs, she knows how to use em’

  • pink tails

    Holy shit is that a barbie?

  • Little Miss Moonshine

    I like to take pictures of sunsets. I thin every one of them is amazing in their own way. Hard to believe this was shot with a camera phone. Technology is truly amazing. Hope you’re ready for a lot of copycats 

  • Hot Damn!

    Is that the same camera from the “Kodak” shoot?

  • Trev

    Damn LG given iphone a run for it’s money

  • Mr. Silver

    Whatever iphone is superior to all Trev, it is good to see other brands expanding in certain directions though. 5 years from now we’ll be shooting holograms with our minds

  • the firestarter

    I wish you would have set the Barbie on fire.

  • Kenny Rules

    most the pictures in my phone are of food

  • Reginald Lexington

    The camera looks cool all burned and whatnot

  • Darnell Washington

    LG steppin the game up big time

  • sarah

    cool pic

  • Morris

    it’s amazing what you can do with a phone these days. Seems like just yesterday I was playing snake 2

  • Green Onions

    everything I do is amazing duh!

  • Mike G


  • Yougotit

    i took a pretty awesome pic of a sunset once, best day ever.

  • Dance Machine

    I gotta be me one of those phones! 

  • Ashley


  • Pretty Awesome

    goodbye iphone hello nitro

  • Craig

    Will the phone only be available to AT&T customers?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1385031061 Michael Docherty

    really, no flash what was the main light source in this image then?
    no, modern day cell phones are only good for finding your friends and watching porn.