• evapeters_lovers

    Bello amo a Evan!!!!!!!!!

  • Ithurtsevan

    God i just want to lick him all over.

  • a fan

    i am so jealous that she got to touch him.  Evan is so perfect !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahriah_rojas


  • pdecker

    He is absolutely lovely–those eyes, those lips, that skin.  Love AHS!  I remember seeing him on House and Criminal Minds and he stood out in both of those episodes when he was much younger.  I foresee a very bright future for him.  I hope he gets an award for playing Tate.  Tyler, I LOVE all of your shoots.  They seem like they would be a blast. I always want to see more….

  • Jennys1903

    I am enjoying these in ways that cannot be discussed publicly. Yum, Evan!

  • Heather

    I LOVE American Horror Story! It’s currently my favourite show & Evan as Tate is my favourite character! I’ve liked him ever since my friend showed me the tv show ‘Invasion’, so good. More please, haha :D

  • Harmstrong826

    you are an amazing photographer! 

  • Pao1039

    he’s so fuckin hot I can’t believe it

  • Gary

    American Horror story is a great show and Evan is very good in it.  Who is the woman in the shoot?

  • Jmdebello_88@hotmail.com

    MORE MORE MORE – I love your brilliantly twisted photos that scream youth and SEX – Evan Peters is the epitome of SEX of the minute and I am cool with it.

  • Amelia

    Awesome! I think you should post a video of this shoot. Like seriously. It’d be great.

  • Florenciaraffa

    hola, soy florencia raffa de argentina y veo American Horror Story….muy buena la serie, me gusta mucho tu personaje y  viendo las fotos me haces acordar a Kurt Cobain…
    Hi, I’m from Argentina and Raffa Florence American Horror Story…. I see very good series, I really like your character and looking at the pictures make me agree to Kurt Cobain … 

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  • Sharon

    What the hell is dripping off his face?

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  • Ariele B

    My God! i’m kinda of in move with him :) and of course, i do watch AHS :)

  • Hm910ya

    wait….. is that a real person!?

  • Wdgrandison

    Mad that he’s not going to be in season 2 as Tate anymore : ( I’m not even sure if the show’s watchable w/o the main cast together

  • http://twitter.com/MeLaurenV Lauren

    I’ve always been envious of your great eye, now I’m just full-blown teenybopper shit jealous of you working with Evan Peters.

  • http://twitter.com/LivMalone Pauline M.

    Yes, I do watch AHS…
    And only for Evan, the guy’s awesome and the hottest bloke ever.

  • http://twitter.com/Lacenleather Anastasia Frangoulis

    so sexy!! 

  • annnnie

    i’ve discovered a lot of amazing tv shows, and my god, here they all are on your amazing website. fjnjkdjfgvnjvkdfvd. 

  • Muykelliente


  • Sonia

    You are so talented and your team too. I was wondering for about an hour is that a girl or a doll ! Amazing work keep it goin’ like that. And Evan… so big thanks that you made something with him. And of course I watch AHS I even keened on my friends on it that all I talk about day and night :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1222512203 Zuri Gideon

    really though?… ughhh *fawn* I can’t even really think looking at these. He’s got the MOST captivating eyes I think I’ve ever seen — hypnotizing. It’s taken me 40min just to post this comment… this photography is insane.

  • Brooklyncates

    I love ahs and evan peters. His role has to be the best. I love them twisted. Some people say the show makmfe no sence. Well if you watched all of them then you would understand some of it. Its not supossed to make sence. Its all about messing with your head and interested. I have never seen a show this great. Thank you I have something to look forwards to on wednesdays now… brooklyn cates

  • Jabba

    OMG I want lick him so bad 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001166107222 Giuliano Merizio


  • Memory1997

    he is very good actor !! And he is so sweet ^^

  • http://twitter.com/Lost_Swan Monika P.

    I love that shoot, guys :)

  • Ella

    yes yes i do wanna see more!!

  • Kate Watkins

    Tyler shields you are a genius I am in love with your work and even tho u only shoot celebrities I fucking hope someday I’ll get to have the pleasure of shooting with you:)

    Kate Watkins

  • tatergirl

    yes you HAVE to do more evan peters :)

  • Mollie

    This is annoying, for the simple fact you won’t bring your exhibitions international… next stop… IRELAND