• Ro

    anyone with tongue out :P

  • smiles

    the bottom right one. the smoke is perfect

  • Hanna

    Couldn’t agree more communication is EVERYTHING! Will you please have a talk with my boyfriend?

  • duh!

    love them all!!!

  • Fred

    a mind is a wonderful thing to taste

  • awesomeness

    Umm so this is fucking awesome!

  • illson

    bottom left

  • Ralf

    my mouth is the gateway to my stomach. 

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    love this! xoxo

  • crunchy

    the year of the lips continues mightily 

  • showtime

    You should make posters out of this, I’d buy one.

  • purple buffalos

    i like the one with the red lips :)

  • Juanita

    Which one is your favorite, Tyler?

  • sven

    I liking this great much. 

  • ooohhhh yyeeeeaaaahhhh

    more lips now! and mouths!

  • Triangles & Space

    Damn this shit looks pretty cool, just made it my background. Hope you’re having a great 2012

  • erica

    2nd row down, 2 over from the left. Call it frame 6

  • Mmmm, brains


  • the professor

    its a good red. deep and true.

  • so good


  • icarus

    this is so good. you’re so inspiring, my favourite photographer. whenever i’m in a rut i look at your work and i feel like shooting again. thank you :)

  • monica

    I think I read that it’s body language that communicates the best. What would one do without a mouth?Hmmm? Fun! Haha…

  • Thegayte-keeper

    Don’t they do such MARVELOUS things?

  • Maria Clara Bruno


  • Liza Bell

    Bottom right. Obsessed.

  • Gema

    Actually, in the tags it says Francesca Eastwood.

  • Francesca


  • sound

    nice mouths

  • Holiday C.

    2nd from right, on the row before last…the way the smoke curls up over the lip is facinating!

  • lydss

    the very last one on the last row. the shape of the lips is gorgeous 

  • http://tapsilog.tumblr.com bliddy

    what lipstick was used here? I WANT IT!

  • Jeanniejones1970

    Well I guess to the world your work is so inspiring and yes I do like your series of photos that bring awareness that fashion kills and how a absolutely ridiculous that a birkin can cost up to $100,000 just for a show piece to some woman to say look at me!!!!! Francesca Eastward is obviously your muse and her beauty is undeniable. With you taking so many pictures of her and highlighting her beauty all the while catapulting her popularity I hope she is receiving a nice commission check. She surely is the one increasing your notoriety….. With that as interesting as some of your photographs are after whatching Mrs. Eastwood & Co. Which I find quite down to earth as a lovely family I find you Mr. Tyler Shields to be the most sarcastic, starving for attention, manipulative and a pathological liar. I hope that Francesca quickly realizes that your ability to take photographs may be stunning but your a complete joke and it shows truly to everyone in the world now so thanks for showing your true pathetic self on mrs. Eastwood & Co. Frannie as they call u run girl and find a normal guy before u make yourself look just as stupid for saying that your In love with this pathetic loser!!