Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin make the toughest shoes in the world it took 7 saws to get through this shoe, 4 blades were destroyed and after 20 minutes of drilling we were through. You want to know why someone would pay this much for a pair of shoes because they are like minni tanks women wear that get them safely from one spot to the next!

Christian Louboutins being destroyed

Christian Louboutin cut in half

Christian Louboutin cut in half

Christian Louboutin cut in half

After sawing one of the shoes in half I figured I would see how the other did with extreme heat turns out you can set a Christian Louboutin on fire for 10 minutes burn it to a crisp and still wear it…

Christian Louboutin on fire

Christian Louboutin on fire

Christian Louboutin burnt

Never let an object own you.

Would you buy these shoes?

  • Peachtenders

    This is backwards logic at its finest. One does not need to be ‘owned’ by something in order to pay attention to it. I once took a picture of a chair and posted it to my Facebook; does that mean I an now owned by that chair?

    The poster did this for the reaction of those who value these shoes. Destroying and posting pictures of these shores does not mean that he himself values the shoes as much as his audience does, it simply means that he wants to gauge a reaction.

    “I dont care”
    “If you didnt care you wouldnt be saying you didn’t care. because by even replying you must care!”


  • Rooney

    Why would I buy this shoe? Because, as you clearly showed, it’s durable and tough. It is perfectly made with very nice materials and guess what else? Because of my vanity! That’s why!

  • hobaaa

    Looking at the comments it seems that people take things to literally

  • ktb

    Its good to see everyone appreciating his photography, I do.. I’m sure Shields likes the controversy. (Controversial subjects=great art) He’s got what he wants, people discussing the point of everything

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  • Gallant.Crow

    You must be some poor, uninteresting person. You think that this is art but this is REAL wasting money. You are the same as other celebrities who wearing this expensive things. Not “independentartist”!!!

  • Tania

    And dont forget people on welfare but with the latest apple gadgets. Consumism at its best.

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  • Adam

    The simple fact that you find it necessary to photograph and share with the world the burning of these shoes shows that you are owned by them.
    a good thought, +100500

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  • jobber

    If you have so much money and dont care How About Giving me Some So I DONT HAVE TO LIVE IN POVERY EVERY FUCKING DAY OF MY LIFE Which Really Sucks………

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  • Louboutinfan

    Leave Christian out of this. What he created is a brand of pure beauty. Fashion is SUPPOSED to be seductive and alluring and the Louboutin red sole epitomizes the ideal. People should stop saying “fashion is evil” just because they can’t afford it/aren’t working hard enough/aren’t saving enough to afford top quality exquisite heels that bring men to their knees

  • soren que

    this only shows that not only is louboutin elegant, classy and sexy. it is also quality! in other words – well worth the price!

  • Soren Que

    yes – louboutins are sexy. have bought seven pairs for my wife….

  • yari_c

    WHY?! They should have just given me the heels instead!!! Act of charity never hurt anybody

  • Anonymous


  • Aliya

    Ho my god

  • esion lin
  • Kim

    Pfft the real artist is Christian Louboutin… Sorry y’all but this isn’t art.. If anything it’s a review and a damn good one I mean he said it himself they are the toughest shoes you can buy.. I can walk through fire in these shoes!!! Long hair red bottoms.. what’s up

  • michelle lin
  • ejierjier

    If this is “art”, then surely destroying anything is also considered “art”.

  • PabloPicasso

    True words can never be spoken so perfectly like this.

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