• http://twitter.com/StrongEnough_ Soolci Ortiz

    i’m photographer, the photoshoot is spectacular! 
    and demi is not a little diney girl any more! she’s being just the real DEMI LOVATO! so stfu

  • Nikole614

    She’s fucking 19, she is Legally an adult.. back off, she looks beautiful in these photos, its bitches like the ones posting negative thoughts on here that got her down last year..

  • Maxine

    I give Demi props. People need to get over her Disney image. Parents need to stop using their kids for an excuse to hate on people. So what if kids see her like this. I think it’s better than seeing her party and doing drugs. She’s sober and living life the healthy way. Alittle sexiness doesn’t hurt anybody. Plus if you have you kids looking at this site then that’s your problem. I love you Demi!!!!! Keep making music and Stay Strong <3

  • Annieromano129

    she is gorgeous
    i love the photos!

  • VictoriaRow

    Demi looks incredible. Such a brave, brave girl.

  • Lovatic#1

    Oh My Word! How gorgeous is she? LOVE YOU DEMI!

  • Anonymous


  • racetohollywood

    Is this it? : I expected more pictures.. 

  • Sasha

    OMG how perfectly sad was that, wow thank you i totally wanted to get that out there you totally said it for me, and shes actually the only best Disney star as a real person.

  • Elmozakuro

    I don’t see anything special about these, or provocative.  She’s licking a lollipop.  Ohhh noooo…Similar shots could be seen in Maxim or Cosmo.

  • laurenrf194

    These photos are stunning! And she is an adult and this is an appropriate way to show her more mature side for her older fans. They don’t broadcast these photos to little kids so chill out with the provocativeness people! These aren’t such risque photos anyway, shes just holding a lollipop calm down…

  • Cammi-bff

    The photos are perfect! Demi is amazing in this and you are a great photographer! Yeah I’d love to take pictures like that!

  • Kerstyn

    Pretty cold to say that finishing up Sonny is the only way to prove she cares about her fans. In an interview she said that she wasn’t confident enough to get back on TV, and wanting a “proper finale” isn’t nearly enough reason to bully her back onto the screen. Her fans should be willing to wait as long as it takes, even if she never plays another role again.

  • Avril

    the didn’t fired her , she left the show :D

  • Abril

    you’re right  but i miss sonny she was georgous

  • Cooldep

     Just need to know why a trash talking woman thinks its so right, can’t do it or say it without garbage mouth ????? Maybe its just me but never thought swill mouths were sexy or bright. My opinion only?

  • Saara

    Stunning ansd awesome shoot:)

  • http://twitter.com/PiliPilu2 Pili…Pilu. just me

    loving those pics! YOU´RE A MASTER, TYLER!

  • Juan

    Tyler… you guys are great!

  • Jessie_coady

    Can you see her boobs or clevage? No. Can you see her stomach? No. Can you see her legs? No. Is she drinking? No. Is she smoking? No. Is she doing drugs? No. I don’t see the problem, you are just over reacting to be honest! Demi looks UH-MAZING in these photos, she could wear a bin bag and still look just as gorgeous! She has an amazing body and a voice to match! She makes music not television shows anymore. Okay? Deal with if! If you really care about Demi then you will support her not bash her even if she has matured, In a good way! Lovatic since 2008, Lovatic for life<3

    AND why on earth would little girls be looking on this website anyway? Think about it! Demi is a strong, indipendent WOMAN

  • S Hylton

    how is this provaocative in anyway? its not like shes doing a cover for nuts magazine. calm down! demi is amazing :) <3<3<3<3<3

  • S Hylton

    oooooohhhhhh soz like people demi lovato showed her shoulders!!! :O lock up your daughters shes a bad influence =D people who have nothing better to do than diss the amazing demi lovato <3<3<3<3<3

  • (Melishitaxz)

    but we must also make clear that she will not always be the girldisney is going to grow and nobody can stop, and we let her fanslove no matter what you take pictures even naked! I LOVE YOUDEMI AND NEVER LEAVE TO MAKE

  • http://www.facebook.com/fpresiado Francisco Preciado

    love the loli one sexy

  • http://twitter.com/lemonadachick anon


  • Emily Louise

    Agree to 100%. People has to wake up and realize people change. And Demi has definitely changed for the better. Love you Demzzz

  • http://twitter.com/xSwagOnDemi ? my idol ?


  • Teneshaayayers

    luv the pics especially d glass smashing one

  • Jessica

    Demi is almost 20 years old. If you really think this is too provocative for a 20 year old woman then I have some news for you. The way some of you are acting, you’d think she had been posing nude or something. She is growing up into a mature woman. She is not Sonny from Sonny with a Chance anymore, nor will she ever be. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and she looks fabulous in them. This is one of her best photoshoots in my opinion. 

  • http://twitter.com/reckless_lovato b!tch.

    (in a Hermione Granger voice) are you that stupid? she is almost 20 years old, a grown woman. she’s not the disney funny girl anymore. she’s the mature woman who is as strong as ever. you think this it too sexy, you may need eye surgery. honestly..

  • Maya

    yes, yes we are VERY dedicated fans. <3 demi will always be in our hearts.

  • http://iheartfamke.tumblr.com/ iheartfamke

    lmao let’s see how you look like, sweetie.

  • Steel

    ‘just a little slutty. Isn’t Demi supposed to wear a purity ring or something?

  • george

    I think this “new” Demi is sexy but it’s a bit fake.

  • HoobaStanky

    Damn she is fine. kudos to her for embracing her sexuality after her overcoming her struggle with her image. *slow clap*

  • http://twitter.com/1123_StayStrong HEART ATTACK VIDEO ?

    Demi Hotvato :$

  • princess purple

    ooh that so cool <3 I LOVE YOU DEMI

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  • SobiaBushra Bushra

    I wouldn’t define that as art. It is provocative instead. I mean it’s obvious with the lollipop-licking and and the sharp stare at the camera. Nevertheless I don’t think it makes it a bad thing. And I agree with you that this shows a side not exactly in an artistic way, but does show a side. She’s 21 and she knows she has a sex life, knows she has a little naughty side and isn’t afraid to let everyone else know it. Ppl keep saying its ‘sex sells’ tag line, but it’s actually about expressing. We all have a level of sexuality and libido, but we don’t like admitting it or talking about it too much. Unlike that demi is bold and doesn’t care. I love how all these shoots just prove how bold she is. So proud of you <3

  • Shelly

    “I have to make something up” yeah, that’s what you usually do when you talk to kids. Ever heard of Santa? Get over it. When Disney kids grow up, they do R rated things. It’s called adulthood. They shouldn’t have to be pressured to have a G rated image just because they used to work for a network catered to children. Besides, those children grow up and will eventually learn what “sexy” means.

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  • Wilmer Valderrama

    Really perfect man.
    My girl is look so gorgeous