Happy birthday Emma

Help me wish my good friend Emma Roberts a happy birthday leave a comment below she will read them and maybe even respond! The first photo is Emma and my lovely lady Francesca Eastwood! Emma heres to another amazing year Emma and more book covers! Check out the Smartest Man cover Emma did

emma roberts and francesca eastwood

emma roberts teddy bear

emma roberts

happy bday emma roberts

Happy bday Emma! When you get back from shooting I am going to throw cake at you again!

Leave a comment for emma!

  • http://twitter.com/_Collage_ ©Danny Guzmán™

    Hey! I love you, Tyler. And I love Emma. But I love you even more when you work together. There ara an amazing shoots. If i can aford one of your photos would be an Emma’s one. So I wanna wish her another succesfull year. Awesome things are coming for you two so… Happy Bday, Emma! Never stop being yourself.

    WAIT! We only have till December 25, or something, that’s whats Maya said. So… WORK!!

    Okey, i’m gonne.


  • Cody L

    Happy Birthday

  • Cody L

    Wait, I can do better than that: *ahem* Happy Birthday Emma! I enjoy hearing about what books you’re reading (and have added a number of them to my increasingly lengthy “to read” list), and I owe you a sincere thanks for the “baby crying” noise you did on TV once, as I’ve admittedly ripped it off without credit. Hopefully this counts as crediting you ex post facto. I wish you the best in wherever life takes you! Here’s to a lot more than 21 more years!

  • http://twitter.com/rafags Rafael González

    Happy Birthday Emma! i really hope that you had a wonderful day.
    I’ve been your fan for like 6 years and it’s amazing to see how much achievements you have had, and you will get even higher! keep going you’re such a good role model for many girls out there!

    Love, Rafael

  • http://twitter.com/LorelaiPeyton SJ Friedman

    Celebrities seem larger than life so it’s weird when you really like a celebrity and then realize that they’re a real person, with birthdays, who may or may not be the same age as you.

    Happy Birthday to the very real Emma Roberts!

  • http://twitter.com/jess_ka13 Jessica Kearney

    Happy Birthday Emma !!! hope you have an absolutely amazing day thats full of fun, dreams and maybe even surprises!! :) xoxox

  • Frances

    I’m sure the day after is just as fun…..

  • Kelly

    Happy day of birth, starlet! Take a look at the stars at be reminded of everything you can still achieve.

  • renee

    Happy 21st birthday this is crazy but i just watched Blow tonight for the first time ever! and your in that thats crazy!!

  • Marta

    happy birthday emma! definitely one of my favorite actresses….she balances youthful and serious characters so well..can’t wait to see any future projects she works on :)

  • Hannah

    Happy Birthday Emma! I’m such a big fan of yours! Plus, I love your style! Check out my blog!


  • Ashley Belle

    Haaaaaaaappppppppppyy Fuckin birthdayyyyyyyyy, yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh  wahoooooooooo!!!! have a amazing 21st birthday. Ur the best.   A birthday aint a birthday without a crazy ass cake fight.

  • Xime

    Happy Birthday!! Greetings from Chile

    a very far away country from southamerica
    my best wishes.

  • http://twitter.com/IzzahCM Izzah Nabilah

    Happy Birthday Emma <3 iloveyou xo

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1271181234 Penny Grainger

    Let’s keep that pedophilic theme going! Because we all know the world definitely needs more of it, most of all in photography…

  • real shit
  • Anonymous

    Emma is absolutely beautiful. She is one of my favorite actresses. She is young and inspiring! Happy belated birthday (: Hahah

  • http://twitter.com/Stayawake_ ?anessa

    Emma,i’m waiting for my reply

  • Liza

    Happy Belated Emma,
    Wish I saw this sooner! I think you’re awesome. I also think your awesome plus Logan Lerman’s awesome would be great in a film or show. Best of luck with everything.

  • Card

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! you are an amazing actress and make a great model too! looking beautiful! 

  • Sage Herrer97

    I think these are all great! The life and dedication to the photos are present they both look absolutely fantastic I just want to say as a photographer and model myself I wish to have more of the talent that the people involved in this photo shoot have
    You guys are defanatly someone to look up to
    Big fan ! And HAppy Birthday Emma !!