• carrie


  • David

    I think this is my favorite year end video yet!

  • harry carry


  • black iris

    Wish I could go! London is AMAAAAZZZING 

  • Holly

    you seriously use the best music in your videos :)

  • Franklin


  • the gunshow

    when can we see a behind the scenes video from the pepper spray shoot?

  • crystal

    i wish you made more videos

  • capt. awesome

    nice use of “viddy”

  • Ronald

    i’m lovin it

  • Guest

    not sure how I hadn’t seen this yet, I think it’s your best one so far! can’t wait to see 2012!

  • babbzz

    I love your life

  • pingpongchampion

    holy shit! is that real pepper spray?!?! your CRAZY!

  • http://twitter.com/msmonicabarber m. barber

    1st time watched. is it terrible to say “it’s better than the other year ends”? PEPPER SPRAY! and MUSE

  • Ashley

    so jealous have fun in London!

  • donny

    can’t wait for the 2025 video

  • punks not dead

    greatest city on earth!

  • real shit