Who is Joseph Kony? he is a man in uganda who has killed over 30 000 children after making the children murder their own parents……. Take a moment and educate yourself on this subject!

stop kony

I painted this using my own blood lets stop the blood shed here! STOP KONY! Help spread the word!

Will you spread the word?

  • Nastia Yeremenko

    Justice is the only way out, and we have to fight for it, at least by making small steps. I agree with you, Tyler, and I will spread it!

  • Alexander


  • Guest

    These kinds of atrocities are unfortunately happening all over the world. It is our duty as humans to do all we can to stop this type of evil from spreading. STOP KONY!

  • Ztt1393

    why would you paint this using your own blood?? i’m in for the cause, but that’s disgusting and does nothing to help these children. stupid.

  • Pussy

    It gets attention. It shows the importance of the situation – that he would do that. Criticising him doesn’t help. He is helping.

  • P Mallia

    I am so happy that you have posted this! So many people love your work and if all these celebrities are your friends they can also post the video and make the cause even better known!

  • Durp

    blood.. seems legit..

  • stopkony!

    this is amazing! #stopkony2012! xxx

  • stoo

    “Stop Kony” makes a hell of a lot more sense than “Kony 2012″ (which doesn’t make you want to find who or what Kony is). I would have chosen “Who is Kony” or “Stop Kony” as a message. It’s great that facebook makes it possible to publicise a message like this, but the charity behind the campaign is unfotunately a little too corporate and polished. As long as we get him…. 

  • fidel


  • Evravonhouston

    and what are you going to do? oh yes be a troll and sit on your fat ass … :(

  • Evravonhosuton

    thank you for being here for the children of KONY :) SUPPORT FROM BROOKLYN NEW YORK!

  • dragon slayer_510

    Love the photo, but the video seems more like a propaganda piece than an expose. I do think that obviously that crazy bastard needs to be stopped. Not sure putting a sticker on a wall is gonna really help that though.I’d rather give the african kids food than paste a KONY 2012 campaign sign anywhere

  • chloe

    Thank you for posting about this Tyler! There is so much good that can be done in this world if we can just all work together anything is possible!

  • ilovelamp


  • Stacey

    The internet is obsessed with Kony today????? Why did no-one care yesterday and everyone today? What happened?

  • killin it, bro

    so if we don’t get him by the end of the year are we gonna get KONY 2013 signs?

  • JD

    Joeseph Kony is the goddamn devil

  • Derek


    Seriously, you Terry Richardson wannabe. Take your fauxtivism somewhere else. Go photograph your “friend” petra ecclestone or something. “Love visiting her when I’m in London”. 

  • bookworm888

    STOPPP KONYYY AT ALL CAUSES … i wanna be in the army, or one of those 100 soldiers sent to uganda

  • Fabzi Rogers

    You must be on period…

  • NG
  • Guesty

    I don’t get it; who exactly is supposed to stop Kony? Us, the layman, by posting about it? No, not at all. I’m guessing we want to raise awareness so that our governments do something about it…through military force. Is that really what we need right now; a military invasion of a country just barely getting itself back together over years of bloodshed? Kony isn’t even in Uganda anymore and the people of Uganda have even found the KONY 2012 video to be old news about a situation that, frankly, deserved this attention two decades ago. Does anyone even bother to educate themselves anymore or does everyone just get caught up on all the sensationalism of a BS non-profit that they just eat up all the shit that’s fed too them through a YouTube video appealing to the hearts of the mindless simply because the subject is about children? Think.

  • Yolanda_jones

    educate yourself is right. meaning learn that there is more to it then STOP JOSEPH KONY. He hasnt been in uganda for years.

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  • Tonya

    W0w, thanx for the education! I had no idea.

    A friend invited me to an event on this but never explained what it was.
    Thank you “:0}…

  • Veerle de Vos

    STOP KONY!! why does everybody think this is stupid? its good:D

  • Veerle de Vos


  • asdf1234

    i don’t get why this is such a popular thing NOW. well popular isn’t the right word but i think you get what i mean. child soldiers have existed forever and now all of a sudden everybody cares.  where was all this worry and care for the child soldiers before? what’s so different with kony? all this hubbub about him isn’t making a difference. everyone knows now, but what is everyone going to do? just talk about it.

  • Slapmyvag

    um do your reasearch dude. KNOY IS PHONY

  • haryer

    The Bible DVD has dealt with many kinds of gods, rituals and belief systems over the course of the series so far!