Leven Rambin from Hunger Games

Hunger Games is coming out very soon and it seems like its going to be the biggest movie ever!

leven rambin

leven rambin

leven rambin

Leven is someone I have shot many times and she said this is her favorite shoot we have ever done this is just a tease more to come of her as the movie gets closer!

will you see hunger games?

  • julestutz

    Love her! I didn’t know she was in Hunger Games. Of course I’m going!

  • julestutz

    Sorry, left out – Love these shots, Tyler! <3



  • Ron

    I’m sure it will be a very financially successful movie, but we all know that Point Break is and forever will be the greatest film of all time. Love the first shot, she’s very pretty.

  • JEN!

    I’m reading the books now can’t wait to see the movie! 

  • fucking fabulous

    Looks like she was having a lot of fun, love the 3rd shot down – pure joy :)

  • Marc

    Her eyes are incredible. My girlfriend wants to see that movie, so yes I am going to see that movie.

  • bebe’s kid

    oh Tyler why must you tease us so!

  • Kimber


  • Stacey

    I won’t be going to see Hunger Games. Its a blatent rip-off of Battle Royale and Im betting that Battle Royale is by far better. Hunger Games is for people to lazy to read subtitles.

  • the amigo lives!

    I think everyone’s going to see hunger games. even dead people. I don’t have any idea what it’s about and I’m gonna see it. Cool pics

  • Nancy Lewis

    I’ve been a fan of hers since she was on Terminator, love these pics she’s soooo pretty! Definitely going to be seeing Hunger Games, are you?

  • air steve

    Daaaammmn look at dem lips! No I won’t be seeing hunger days. 

  • shoot 2 live

    Love your black and white shots, and yes I probably am going to see the movie. When are you going to release more? Have you shot any other members of the cast?

  • Miss Sunshine


  • walt_187

    I have no idea what Hunger Games are but if she’s in it I’ll watch it. I’d watch grass grow if she was standing on it. 

  • Guest

    So I’m loving her hair pulled back, very classy with just the right amount of naughty mixed in. When can we see more Mr. Shields?

  • nicky

    can’t wait!

  • high hopes

    Her eyes in that top shot are just ridiculous. Any video from this shoot?

  • Nigel

    The lighting in the first shot in amazing. nice one

  • smashley

    Already preordered my tickets :)

  • Cosmicdingo

    Yup.Though she probably won’t dress like that in the flick..

  • Geejay Jie

    definitely!! Excited for the Hunger Games! :D

  • hungergamer

    yessssssssssssssssssssssssss i’m seeign it this sunday

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  • Marinaolivicout

    Please post more pics from thi shoot !!!

  • Marinaolivicout

    This shoot *

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  • Kristinflo

    It looks cool when she’s laughing on the ground and the one when she’s hitting the rope…I think she looks really cool in them she should do more!!! :)

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