• gina

    first comment whoooo!

  • nails (tough as)

    I dream of having the time to dream

  • shoot to thrill

    Love this shot!

  • gunther_84

    beautiful shot

  • Becky

    last night I had a dream where when i jumped I just kept going up.  I’d eventually stop going up and start slowly falling down, like in slow motion. I’m talking like 60 feet in the air. As I would fall I could direct myself it was crazy cause I could feel it. You ever get that? Like dreams that are so real you actually feel them?

  • trevor rulez

    just made this my desktop background :)

  • paulaisaballa

    I dream of world peace. I guess that’s not very original, but to me there could be nothing better.

  • Crystal

    I love the lights on the horizon in the shot, I dream of one day being able to work with you.

  • felixx

    I find most people I know dream big but aren’t willing to do the work that it takes to make the dream a reality. I dream of all kinds of things, then again sometimes I don’t dream at all. Really just depends on my mood I guess. Fucking great pic by the way

  • smashley

    winning the lottery!

  • obviously amazing

    I used to have a recurring dream that i had a time machine that ran on double a batteries. 

  • allycat

    the colors in this one are fantastic! The background looks like a painting.

  • Kelly

    I never remember my dreams. Is that bad?

  • NY Mike

    I’m dreamin about ridin that train with her

  • black jesus loves you

    Never stop dreamin! Never stop believin!

  • amy

    love this ;D

  • Groovetasticness

    I dream I can fly. I believe I can fly. Gravity disagrees. I intend to prove gravity wrong.

  • wacko

    helllloooooooooo nurse!

  • JILL!

    beautiful words, beautiful imagery. dream on…

  • gldngd

    livin the dream!

  • donny

    pools filled with jello. dogs that can talk like humans. flying like superman. space.  beautiful women. family and friends. past lives and future endeavors. almost dying and really, truly living. these are some things that i dream about. how bout you?

  • http://twitter.com/_Collage_ ©Danny Guzmán™

    I gonna walk in the dark, I’ll take the scars & I gonna risk all to catch my dreams, and if i dont i dont care cuz i’ll know i did my all

  • bobman

    For christ’s sake, “you’re”! It’s “You’RE” RE

  • http://meezou.blogspot.com/ MelanieMelo

    I dream of reaching success in the fashion industry as a creative director someday. That’s my biggest dream. But I also dream of learning more languages so I can travel all around the world and be able to communicate directly. I want to see new beautiful places. Overall, my dream is to inspire people someday with my work. As you do Tyler!

  • http://twitter.com/punky_breester Bree Madrid

    Since when do people sit around and correct everyone else’s grammar? I don’t understand? He is an artist. I could care less how he spells, or types, or uses the words “you’re” and “your”. Not everyone is good at math, not everyone is good at science, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It’s sad that everyone has to be bullied over things that they may not be the best at.