Kalia Prescott

Kalia Prescott is in the up coming film Hunger Games which comes out this weekend and I have a feeling it might do ok at the box office… Watch out for this one she’s going to do well and also watch out for her she will kick you in the face!

Kalia Prescott

Kalia Prescott

Kalia Prescott

Kalia Prescott

Will you see The Hunger Games?

When was the last time someone kicked you in the face?

  • Simone

    Great shots, definitely would like to see The Hunger Games, couldn’t get my leg up high enough to kick someone in the face. Shame !

  • Fraser

    Does Jordon have to have plastic feet to work with you? Or do you just make him walk around on broken ankles all week?! I LOVE THIS SHOT!!!! IT IS S I C K. No one else is doing this.

  • gypsyqueen

    Hahaha, thankfully I’ve never been kicked in the face. I can’t wait to see The Hunger Games! Gonna be sooo good! Coool Pics

  • michelle

    she’s soooooo pretty :)

  • blue_rose

    I can’t say that I’ve ever been kicked in my face. Is that something that happens to you regularly?

  • Katie

    duh! already bought my ticket!

  • Guest

    that shot of her flying through the air is really cool totally looks like she’s floating

  • buff livingston

    last tuesday. i was just minding my own business sitting out front of starbucks when all of the sudden, bam! ninja attack. luckily i had my trusty bow-staff and was able to fight them off, but not before taking a few roundkicks to the dome

  • Joe

    my mother kicked me in the face once… once.

  • sara sunshine

    yes I am going to see it this weekend!!

  • http://twitter.com/mirzz mirzz

    I will see the hunger games! and the last time someone kicked me in the face a i was 14  in a kids jumper ha i guess that is what i get

  • http://twitter.com/_Collage_ ©Danny Guzmán™

    Sweet face is not always a sweet girl. I saw it last sundey. I gotta say Is COMPLETLY amazing!

  • green baron

    never heard of it. nice photos here, I  particularly like the one of her floating. I try to make it a habit of not getting my head kicked in, but if it ever happens I’ll leave a comment to you described how and why it happened. That is if I remember. Which actually brings up an interesting point.. perhaps I have been kicked in the head and I just don’t remember it. Is that possible? 

  • Julie

    these are great :) Yes I am definitely going to see it, are you?

  • dr. funkenstein

    Hahaha, yeah I’d say the movie should do pretty well. You think its gonna be better than twilight sales wise?

  • becca_loves u!

    Yes OMG just finished the first book it was sooo good! Bet the movie is gonna be awesome! My little brother kicked me in the head once when we were little i had a giant bump on my head. Everyone thought my parents beat me well maybe not everyone but I know some people did cause we’d get weird looks when we went places. 

  • Lou

    cool pics bro



  • Koolkid66

    Honestly I could care less about seeing it, but my girlfriend wants to see it so that means I’m gonna see it. I was hoping it was going to be one of those that she’d want to go to with her girlfriends. but nope, already started talkin about it yesterday. 

  • Fred

    eveybody’s kung fu fighting

  • ((REGGIE))

    nothing like a good kick in the face to wake you up in the morning. I usually have my my wife do it to me with a paitr of steel toes on. really gets the gears moving in the ol’ noggin

  • black is the new black

    lovely photos Mr Shields ;)

  • Chloe

    I’m going to see it multiple times!

  • amy


  • Stacey

    Everyone always jumps onto these things like braindead leeches. Harry Potter, Twilight and now The Hunger Games. Its just Battle Royale for fooks sake!

  • http://twitter.com/Frances_Fisher Frances Fisher

    Heck yeah I’m going!  Also to see THE HOST teaser trailer before the movie!!!

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  • Ella

    its not, i cn assure, the hunger games has a depth and meaning to it that leaves a lasting effect. It isn’t just detah and gore. Its romance, love, war, corage, bravery and stealth.