• http://twitter.com/MeLaurenV Lauren

    No, but maybe I should ^^

  • Repo28

    I have not missed an episode.

  • Christy

    i’m obsessed

  • kelly belly

    It’s my new favorite show, love this shot

  • that guy who quotes things

    “revenge is a dish best served cold”

  • Joe B

    death and taxes

  • Sarah Failin

    i wanna roll Gabe up into a little ball, shove him in my vagina and just let him be there. with me

  • puuuuuuurple

    I find the bet revenge is to become successful in whatever you do. Nothing pisses off your enemy mores than for them to se you truly happy. 

  • amanduh

    I like this picture

  • Jess

    revenge is my guilty pleasure, never miss an episode :)

  • king awesome

    revenge is for self righteous bastards who have nothing better to do than feel sorry for themselves

  • hello there

    I’ve never seen the show, heard it’s pretty good.

  • fucking fabulous

    Connor looks like such a badass!

  • Uncle Rico

    “everybody wants some, I want some too”
    -David Lee Roth


    awe big brother trying to protect the little sister from the bad men with the big guns. I fucking love this show

  • Guest

    where’d everyones shirt go? Are they in some parallel universe where only pants are allowed? 

  • reggie

    Why cant we all just be good to each other? why all the pain? all the suffering? I believe is was God who said, love thy neighbor. Even if there’s no god, doesn’t it make more sense to be nice than mean? I know it feels better. 

  • count monte

    Nothing wrong with a little revenge. Gets the ol blood flowin. 

  • deadrabbits

    kill your idols

  • amy :)

    love it!

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  • Camilla

    cant wait to see new ep of revenge!!!! omg

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marq-Clarq/514027002 Marq Clarq


  • http://myCherryLane.blogspot.co.uk/ Cherry Lane

    I love Revenge! It’s so different to all the other shows out there. Every episode leaves me jonsing to see the next one lol I really love all the shots from this shoot :-)

  • http://twitter.com/JeSuisMyka Myka Javier

    I love this show and this photo is da bomb!! ;) 

  • hottie cooteratie

    it’s “YOUR” taxes, not “you’re”

  • Shoshanna III

    Upon reading some of these posts, Tyler Shields obviously can’t spell

  • ItsBeBario

    Missing a few coma’s too… in my opinion. Otherwise I like it ;)

  • Sparkman

    I predict that someday…a mexican will kill your first born son!  (See, karma can also be ironic.)

  • Littlerina Bear

    Ahhh yes let’s attack his improper use of grammar because we’re bored with our own lives. He may be less educated than you (or he may just not give any fucks)… but still, he is a photographical genius.

  • jenesp

    “Missing a few coma’s too…” – how does one miss a coma or something belonging to a coma, that is?? [just kidding - I think you really meant "a few commas"] A word to the wise: it’s usually more effective to use proper grammar, spelling, usage, syntax, etc. when criticizing the same in another writer’s work. :)

  • Shana

    Your Revenge photoshoot is just ? ?