Emma Roberts Mulholland

Emma Roberts and I took a trip up to Mulholland to do a shoot and this is just one of the photos we got if you want to see the rest you will have to come to my new gallery Mouthful MAY 19TH will be the private viewing but Sunday MAY 20TH from 10am to 6pm it will be open to the public and the first 100 people will receive a nice little gift!

emma roberts Mulholland

The location will be At The Wilshire Tower 5514 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 right in the heart of Miracle Mile.

What do you think of this photo of Emma?
Will you be coming to gallery?

  • http://twitter.com/Felixmartinsson Felix Martinsson

    It’s a great picture! Love it! (y)

  • Christina L.

    I wish I could attend!

  • Hillary

    She’s gorgeous. I hope I could come to the gallery, albeit that I’m halfway around the world.

  • amber

    love this!

  • http://twitter.com/dabriela_ gabi


  • Iris

    I’d love to come, wanna buy my plane ticket? ;)

  • David Aames, Jr.

    beautiful shot.

  • Cara

    I love this picture! I’m definitely coming to the gallery…

  • g-l-o-r-i-a

    I love your black and white work, and she looks amazing. Wish I could go to your show, more than anything!

  • DragonzzZ

    I’ll be there!

  • Johan

    I love all your photography works with Emma Roberts. They are all many diferent , each time its something new. Keep up the great work I hoping your show has many blessings

  • sara smile


  • http://twitter.com/lizziefreshhh Liz

    I would be coming in a heartbeat if I didn’t live on the East Cast! Love this.


    I would if I could, I’ll be working that night. Also I live in New Jersey, makes it kind of tough to get there. 

  • fucking fabulous

    she’s fucking GORGEOUS!

  • chris_slays_all


  • (pigman)

    definitely just made this my desktop background. thanks! hope you show is a ginormous success!

  • stephanie says

    I think she looks amazing as a blond, looking forward to seeing more at your gallery. Hope I get a gift

  • Hugh

    love your work man  have a great show

  • (: whitney :)

    sounds fun I hope I can go!

  • Anonymous

    That picture makes me feel like I just need a tug the right way and I’d come.

  • Wurz_x

    Will Emma go?

  • @dawn782

    i wish i could come from bangalore india
    i just love her sooo much

  • Megan :)

    wish i could come, but im 13 and cant afford the plane ticket. gutted. love your work, your a huge inspiration and your work with Shiloh Fernandez is BRILLIANT.

  • http://twitter.com/_Collage_ ©Danny Guzmán™

    Now I’m gonna die. I really want to go but I cant.

    I wanna see all Emma shoots DDD:

  • http://twitter.com/PHEDDRYNHO P. Henrique

    Nossa assim você me mata, ai se eu te pego hein!!

    very beautiful!

  • Eric M. Rangel

    Hello. I think this photo of Emma is making me thirsty. I am doing everything in my power to be there. Thank you. EricR.

  • Sam_llohan



  • GURL

    love it

  • Cbdamasco

    I would love to come but just like @Liz I live on the East Coast!! How unfortunate for me! :-(

  • Zeleehom

    Move to NYC please

  • Eric M. Rangel

    Hello. Excuse my Mr. Tyler Shields, I am wondering if prints are going to by available to buy and how much the minimum price is? Thank you very much Sir.

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  • NIkki

    Lovessss it!

  • Guest

    this girl is not pretty. at all.