• http://twitter.com/MlleGleeknSats Angelina

    Happy Birthday to Jenna & Harry ! Yay, you’re so amazing together and each of you in their own way makes me laugh and sometimes, makes me cry too on Glee each Tuesday :) 
    Each of you has special something and it makes you unique to the world eyes 


  • 123

    happy birthdays loves! best wishes and never stop doing what moves you. :)

  • Rebecca Rouse

    Happy Birthday – love u guys!

  • http://twitter.com/Lennon_1957 LoveEachOther

    Happy birthday! Your voices are wonderful :D

  • Jon Curiel

    Asian Fusion Coalition! Love this, Jenna is such a great person, I’d love to meet her one day ;)
    Wish her the very best in the world, same goes to Harry

  • jessymusicfanxD

    Happy Birthday to both of them!! These photos are amazing!! Great job Tyler.

  • Azis_hambali

    Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. Happy Birthday! 

  • Alexia

    Happy Birthday Jenna & Harry!!! You guys are really amazing & I love watching you!!!! You’re so inspiring!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/LiliJoanna joanna

    Happy birthday to Jenna and Harry both very good and sweet people.!.!.!. I wish all your dreams come true that your life has joys not only experience ever worries …. Always keep your life in Love, Happiness, Friendship and Health … And years of friendship from distant Greece … :-)


  • http://twitter.com/leslieinlr Leslie Smith Doan

    Happy Birthday Jenna & Harry! My two teen daughters and I have watched Glee since the pilot episode aired in May 2009 and we love it!  We also flew to Chicago and saw Glee!Live on June 4. We went to the VIP Party but were not able to attend the “Meet & Greet” and found out later you two were there! I usually send candy gift baskets to the other Glee cast members on their birthdays, but decided to make donations to a charity in your name this year. We donated to Oceana in Jenna’s name and made a donation to The Young Storytellers Foundation in Harry’s name.  Happy Birthday to you both!

  • Helenpfj77

    This is the new Asian American talent worth watching and enjoying, gaining more space in all the arts, from Latin America are admired

  • paulien

    happy happy birthday you guys! love from holland! *woepwoep*

  • Zoila

    These photos are phenomenal and both Harry and Jenna look AMAZING! They look great together! Happy happy birthday Jenna and Harry!!! ;)

  • http://twitter.com/ashley15star Ashley Nicole


  • Kkhandaker214

    awww you guys are cute

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001434641112 Nori Patterson

    Happy birthday guys!! It’s also my b-day too and I am just a hhhuuuuggggeee gleek!!!! <3 you guys sssooo much!!

  • Erin Kaihara

    HAPPY late BIRTHDAY! I LOVE GLEE and you two are my FAVORITE characters on GLEE.

  • J Mccowan

    happy birthday guys! (:

  • Miranda Nguyen

    YEEEEEAH ! You guys have a Happy Birthday ! :D I think you guys should have more screentime (: but yeah there needs to be more Asian actors and stuff. lol My mom’s trying to get me to become famous -.- 
    -Fellow Yellow <3

  • China

    Happy birthday Harry and Jenna, Im a huge fan , think your both great , love you both in glee aswell!!

  • Elisa

    Happy Birthday Jenna and Harry!! you’re so talented!! :) xoxo

  • http://twitter.com/toolaZYtotalk Zyra Corvera

    oh, i love you both! happy birthday jenna & harry!

  • Finn Blue

    Happy Birthday, Harry and Jenna!  Hope you both have the loveliest day!!
    (You portray my absolute favorite TV couple!)

  • http://twitter.com/mz_jem Darren+Chris! :3

    hope you both had a lovely day! xxx

  • Snehahk11

    love you both… happy birthday guys :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nanc-Anaya/1278446767 Nanc Anaya


  • Kathy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!!!! I love you SO MUCH! like..seriously… SOOO MUCH! hope you are having a great day! You are amazing! <3 much much much love from Mexico! ;)

  • Cmariaclariza

    TIKE!! i love them both harry shum jr. and jenna ushkowitz are the reason i learned to love GLEE..happy birthday!! :)))

  • Anonymous

    SWAG. Something We Asians Got. ;) You guys are amaziiing. Keep it up! Happy birthday. I just love you and the show! :)

  • TheOtherMaddy

    Happy Birthday! Both of you are so talented and look gorgwous in these photos! hope you had a great day :)

  • trippergiggler

    Happy birthday to my most favorite glee couple! i love the Changs!! :)

  • Adri27_rob

    OMG that’s what everybody were waiting for but also Lea and Cory are missing but Jenna and Harry look so great at this photoshoot you Tyler incredible as always your the master of the photography CONGRATS! Jenna and Harry for your birthdays that were 3 days ago sorry for typing this till now but thank you for amazing scense on Glee for Tike you’re incredible guys and you Tyler for being such a great photographer you ROCK GUYS! LOVE YA ALL, love and greeting from MEXICO HELL YEAH!


    wow! amazing shots. they’re more than perfect together. :)) Belated Happy Birthday to the both of you. #ProudtobeAsian.

  • http://twitter.com/FrenxBritt Frensallyn Britt™

    Belated Happy Birthday guys! THIS IS REALLY AWESOME!! :))

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  • Jfassano

    Happy Birthday to both of you…..sorry it’s late :(

  • yobela

    yes i’m a huge Glee Fan! those photoshoot are so cute! Jenna’s so pretty & Harry’s so handsome!

  • Nikki30

    Happy Birthday guys! you are both amazing people aswell as actors. You are amazing on Glee. You make me proud to be an Asian American. Thank You :D

  • Guest

    These photos are gorgeous!

  • Phy_la_tortue

    J’ADORE ! 

  • Stephanie

    Love you both.

  • nona

    really love both of you

  • http://twitter.com/nadineLOVEmusic nadine?? redder??

    Love both of you!! I’m really gonna miss you Harry in season 4!!!!!

  • CEARi

    I really love the third picture. :)) How I love seeing them together. I really hope harry is still in the 4th season of Glee. 

  • Rebeccagrl123

    I can not describe how much I love the 2nd picture! Dang Harry you have swag I love that your a great dancer and Jenna you look gorgouse!! love it im talking about the dancingish dip pi:)<3

  • guest