• juliaahhh

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • Mariel

    awesome interview! wish I lived in LA so I could go :( 

  • black rose

    OMG I LOOOOVE Attack of the show! I never realized how many of my favorite people you’ve shot. Loving the stuff you ddi with Alison Brie do you plan on shooting her again in the future? Hope you have an amazing show!

  • Uncle Rico


  • lauren

    this invite is amazing, wish I could go!

  • mdk_187

    you are an inspiration please keep up the amazing work!


    see you there :)

  • Travis

    G4 is the shit I like em even more now that I know they support your work. wish i could go to your show, Ill be workin here in wonderful providence instead. Maybe next time I guess.

  • sammy

    is there going to be any livestock this year?

  • Repo28

    What is ATOS?  Attack The Of Show?

  • B. Wonder

    This show is Gonna Be FiRE!!!

  • happy thoughts


  • Olivia

    that picture makes me thirsty

  • readyfreddy

    Fuck wish i could go to this when are you going to have a show in NYC?!?

  • kris

    c u there

  • Fox

    Tyler Man. You’ve got some…….most of the best photographs I’ve seen. I just saw you on AOTS, and I’m already a huge fan. Really wish I could go see your’e exibit, but I’m Six Hours away. It would be Awsome if you eventually come to San Jose, or San Francisco even. But whatever the case. Huge fan, stick to what you do best; Unconventional. Thats what makes you so truely awsome, it’s what makes you…..you.

  • maggie

    amaaaaazzzziiiinnggg I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!

  • Homer

    mmmmmm, glitter


    sounds awesome wish I could go. will you buy me a plane ticket lol

  • high hopes

    I went last year, shit was incredible. The giant dairy cow blew my mind. Not to mention that giant painting made out of blood. I can’t wait to see what you got going on this time. 

  • Ninjakiller

    hell yes!

  • Fudo J

    It’s like Benny Benassi type of shit. Love it

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  • Adam Riley03

    Dude, you’re a jerk.  You better thank God you have a spot on that new reality show on E!, otherwise no one would know who the fuck you are.

    And… how about showing some manners and just a little bit of humleness.  On a personal note, I think a 30 yr old man who dates an 18 yr old girl has got some serious deep rooted issues.