Connor Paolo and Christa B Allen

Christa B Allen and Connor Paolo this shoot was insane we trekked into the middle of no where and only returned back to civilization once the police found us! Christa and Connor are incredible to work with and tonight you can see them on the season finale of Revenge…

christa b allen connor paolo

christa b allen connor paolo

christa b allen connor paolo

christa b allen connor paolo

christa b allen connor paolo

A big thanks to Connor Paolo for introducing me to the Revenge family all incredible people!

Do you watch Revenge?

  • Angela

    I do watch Revenge and WOW! Your work continues to amaze me.

  • H. Thomas

    Great work, per usual. I also love the show and am sad that I missed them at your show last weekend, but I’m not a celeb, so go figure. I did see you work on Sunday and left before you arrived, but the pics were fantastic!

  • Daniela Gabay

    I LOVE REVENGE!!! Gorgeous pics :) Im also a photographer but i shoot babies and newborns. I want your job!

  • Holly

    great shots, never seen the show. I hear it’s good

  • black mamba


  • Guest

    is she baptizing him lol

  • Stacey

    Those are some really hot pics!!! you should do another shoot with gabriel mann, emily van camp and josh bowman!!

  • Myka

    OMG!!! They’re amazing!! I love Revenge!! :) 

  • amanduh!

    beautiful shots Tyler!

  • blurrppp_

    A big thanks to you for taking these pictures :)

  • Sara

    I love me some Revenge

  • Vmoreno892

    I still can’t believe that she was the little girl on the movie 13 going on 30!! BUT great work!! i love all of your shots, you’re my favorite photographer!!! <3 

  • kristen

    soooo gooood!

  • Stefiboy

    tres jolie photo

  • Draw

    like Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn?!

  • Emily Alford

     YES! I do watch Revenge and these photographs are beautiful :) Great job!

  • Shana

    Fantastic !! The colors 
     ? ?

  • aisha

    I love itt

  • Karina

    Connor is so cute!