For the people who don’t know a Birkin is the most sought after bag in the entire world there is a waiting list and some of them can run upwards of $100,000. This is the red Crocodile Birkin VS the red $200 chainsaw and 4 dollars of gasoline! Make sure you check out MRS. EASTWOOD and COMPANY this SUNDAY and MONDAY NIGHT 10PM on E! Watch this bag get destroyed IT IS INSANE! Also click here to see a pair of Christian Louboutin’s meeting their demise

francesca eastwood birkin

francesca eastwood birkin

francesca eastwood birkin

birkin chainsaw

Destruction is a beautiful version of freedom…

Would you want this bag?

Are you sad to see me destroy it?

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  • anna hays

    destruction may be an art, but it is the UGLIEST form of it.

  • m

    It does make sense only because she admits the value of this bag.Otherwise she could do it with a copy.

  • Property Spotter

    She clearly didn’t love her Birkin bag as much as the person who lives here –

    Either that or this was a ritual sacrifice.

  • Juetta Myers West

    I think anger management is called for whoever blogged this. The Birkin Bag is like Channel, Lagerfeld etc…Whether you like it or not, it’s just the way it is.

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  • Sopia Macy

    I will not do this to many birkin bag. This is insane!

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  • Charlie

    I think that burning an expensive bag makes the point that it’s materialistic. At the same time, I would hope that these people had linked this to a cause (like art programs in schools). Furthermore, I am a constantly $100 over dead broke college student that volunteers my time and yes money (a percentage of my minimum wage minuscule savings on charity) and will go on to work as a teacher (knowing that teachers are horribly underpaid) not as an artist, although I have enough talent but not enough ego to do so (I admire people that don’t have the type of conscience I have – seriously). This photographer and rich woman don’t HAVE to give ALL (argument loves exaggeration) their money to charity, just like I don’t have to. But, they could give SOME and they could link their parent’s relative’s influential power to not just vanity programs (this) but charitable programs (not this). My $10 donation to unicef would probably equate a $100 or $1,000 donation they could make EACH TIME they burn a bag and donate to an arts fund. Also, I think they should run a program where people donate the cost of a Birkin to see a Birkin burned and the money goes to charity (they could even work in a small amount of profit for themselves). Imagine how pissed and awkward Hermes & fans would feel. That’s art + awesomeness + capitalism + trust fund power.

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