• Robby


  • amy

    love this!

  • kyle_93

    great cover! The first book blew my mind, I hope this one does the same :) When are you going to make these into movies?

  • laces out

    fucking awesome!!!

  • jeeeeves

    I don’t read books, but I think it’s amazing that you are branching out into ohter areas with your creativity. Never stop progressing, it’s a joy to watch.

  • Crw5kds

    I would love to know if I could be “The family in Need” that you are willing to donate to?? My daughter definitely needs all the help she can get. Note that this is not a joke, yet a plea to acknowledge her and I. crw5kds@yahoo.com 

  • archie

    i would buy an audio version if it was narrated by sean connery. keep killin it man!

  • LitChick

    I’m guessing that you didn’t actually write it yourself, since it is pretty obvious from all of your posts on your website that you don’t know the rules of grammar. Hope your ghost writer is getting a decent salary…

  • ((awesome))

    Since when does art give a shit about grammar? I’m guessing you are an unsuccessful writer, brainwashed by the standards that have been hammered into your brain since the time you could hear words. Obviously you haven’t read his first novel, because if you had you wouldn’t have wasted your time leaving such a condescending, and more importantly incorrect comment. It’s art, not english class. Free your mind, you’ll be a much happier person.

  • Guest

    is there a way to get a poster of the cover?

  • michelle :)

    soooooo goooooood :) :) :)

  • Ahhhhyeeeaaahhh

    just saw you on some show on E!. pretty cool gettin to see some behind the scenes of how you do your thing

  • julieeee

    hardback? please?

  • *YOLO*

    When’s the Sheik gonna get his own book?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V5U5BKIUPZGI2D5OBPO6EEE56Y Rhonda

    Art is worthwhile. Do what you love. It`s beautiful. I agree it`s not an english lesson! Much happiness to you and yours.
     My comment on the handbag thing. I will forgive you for $10,000. :)

  • bluedreams

    mind is blown

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  • jamieluvsu

    I loved them both. When’s the next one coming out? Are you ever going to make hardback versions?

  • Clayton Owens

    i think you should write one about the happiest man in the world

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  • http://twitter.com/BBCrunch BiaBenedet

    Love your work…obsessed!

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    love your work!!!!

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    yo!!!!! DJ Juan In  Da House ! Wats Crackin?

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    Hello! I’m awake, it’s the middle of the day here in Belgium :)

  • ckkk

    hello I’m awake (from Greece) and I LOVE YOUR WORK!

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    Hello! Your work is amazing 

  • Michelle Allen

    Hi I love your work

  • Bec

    Big hello from Australia :) LOVE your work!

  • http://twitter.com/MeLaurenV Lauren

    More Belgians present :)

  • Fenny

    You are fascinating.. I would do anything to spend a day being photographed by you

  • http://twitter.com/AllanAJM Allan Colpaert

    Awake, in France. Big fan of your work and I’ll definitely take a good look to your books!

    Also, are you exposing in London?

  • KennaAnne

    I’m up…. It’s like 3:45 in the morning. Haha well you’re great photographer ? Hahaha lovelovelove.

  • http://twitter.com/joecerulli Joseph Cerulli

    Back east here .. up and at ‘em .. Hello :)

  • Hayley-burrows

    I can’t wait!!!




    love all the way from sydney :) great work! X

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    from canada! its 7:36 in the morning:P fucking awesome and genius as always, Xxx 

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    Good Morning! :)

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    I’m sleep but I say Hello! Love

  • Daniel Xavier

    Unconventional as usual. Fantastic!

  • Artloverlucas

    Tyler deep deep down you know as well as I do that your art is terrible and that the compliments off all the fools mean nothing. I respect that you’re taking their money and laughing your way to the bank though and the more distractions there are that keep these silly silly people from trying to do dangerous stuff such as thinking the better and in a weird,weird way maybe the world’s a better place because of your work.

  • Artloverlucas

    There’s a few interesting ones though, shame you don’t that sort of thing more

  • Artloverlucas

    *do that

  • Hiltonsafari

    In that case, i hope his writing’s better than his art!