• 90sbaby

    “free your mind, and the rest will follow”
    -en vogue 

  • Tanya

    I love everything! Especially all the Francheska pictures!

  • ZQ

    that quote above.. what about air…

  • Cswitzer3

    Tyler, you may read this, you may not but I wanted to let you know that I feel the Brittany Snow shot from the “Tyler Shields 2010″ video above is extremely moving. The visual depicted of her is extremely heart-gripping and raw. You’re very talented in the images you capture, please keep the amazing work coming!

  • Ray Gilden

    “There is nothing that exists in the world that can kill you if it is taken away…” Try taking air away Tyler. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/AprilRayne April Kagan

    i was just thinking that… although i was thinking more specifically oxygen. thing is, i think it was like a rhetorical statement ;)

  • JTravis

    Not exactly, Tyler. If the government takes away your guns, they can and likely will kill you with one later. 100 million people from the last century are no-longer-living examples of the proof of that, and governments are still doing the same thing today in China.