• Cswitzer3

    Tyler, I just absolutely adore you and Francesca together! I’ve been a fan of your photography for quite some time and I’ve seen every picture you’ve shot of Francesca and I watch Mrs. Eastwood and Company every Sunday simply for the fact that you and Francesca are main characters in it, although I do think the entire show is quite entertaining. I would love to be able to meet the two of you considering Francesca is only a year younger than I and think it would be incredibly fun to meet you! I entered the Carmel Destination Sweepstakes multiple times then read the “Official Rules” and realized that it requires being 21! Oh well, still am infuatuated with your work and her beauty!

  • Alice

    I love this video! You guys are the best ;)

  • Michelle

    What a beautiful video and a beautiful couple you and Francesca are :) I

  • Sadf

    Tyler Shields is using this family for fame.

  • Skent17


  • Anonymous

    Tyler is a pervert old man using Francesca.  Too bad she is too young to realize lol,  Plus he is a douchebag and unattractive, what is she getting out of this

  • Angelina_reeves

    Babygirl_PL hey isn’t a pervert and he isn’t using her family for fame, he was famous before the show. Francesca is just a girl and Tyler is just a boy. People like who they like

  • Angelina_reeves

    Babygirl_PL he isn’t a pervert and he isn’t using her family for fame, he was famous before the show. Francesca is just a girl and Tyler is just a boy. People like who they like.

  • Funbrandi

    Who raised this MONSTER!!?? He has zero ability to show respect!! Just bcuz you are the “tortured soul” artist doesnt give you the excuse to like an attention whore asshole! I hope Francesca wakes up???

  • Funbrandi

    *act like…

  • Angelina_reeves

    Funbrandi theres no reason for being rude, a monster is something that hides under your bed and kills you, like I said before, people like who they like.

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  • Fee

    Francesca is more than just a beauty. I hope she stays humble, and dosen’t turn into a phony hollywood tool?

  • jules

    love me some radiohead :)

  • Babushaka

    poor mr. eastwood

  • Mariepettey

    She beyond beautiful,so stunning

  • Info

    WATCHING YOU TYLER BE SO WEIRD AND SO FULL OF CRAP. GROW UP BUDDY….I can’t even believe the Eastwood Family allows you to ride their star. What next? You made Fancesca Eastwood famous? BAHAHHAHA

  • Redsunflower7

     I see someone in love when I see the way he is with her. They really do love each other, it happens yah know?

  • Erin Glassey

    I love this radio head song so much. And to answer your question, I am in love. Feels like that..

  • Kait Rose617

    I think some of you are just juding him because he has a different way of expressing himself, I think that is so wrong I can tell the two of them love eachother, they were dating even before the show so why would he just be using her for strickly fame when he on his own as a photographer is famous with many celebrities. As for his relationship everyones relationships are different and expressed in a different way, they to me look like two people who have a unique relationship and have fun with one another and truly love eachother who are we to honestly judge.

  • Ashash

    Favorite couple ever! 

  • Telesforita

    He is so gross.  If the Eastwoods won’t shield (lol) their daughter from this clear user, they deserve the backlash/fallout/criticism when this relationship burns out.  Any father who lets their teenage daughter date a thirty year old deserves the embarrassment when the full-nude pictures of Francesca surface, because you know Tyler has them, and he is the kind of immature asshat that would do that.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZJG32RL4QIU7DGGA2YOW5ZVB4 cassl14

    If you read this Tyler, or Francesca, do not listen to the haters. They are pathetic, miserable, jealous, low life’s with a very questionable IQ who project the misery of their pathetic little lives on to people like you. Tyler, I am very smart girl, to say that I read people well is an understatement, and although we haven’t met, I find you to be nothing short of pleasant, smart, and awesome. I’m also straight as an arrow, but Francesca has me thinkin twice lol. You two are few people on tv who don’t annoy the shit out of me. That’s a compliment if you knew me. I’m an irritable snot much of the time and I just enjoy you guys like no other. Watching the two of you, I’m finally relieved to see, in my opinion, normal people in a world full of creepy ones. I haven’t seen a more beautiful or more in love couple for yrs. Very inspiring. Should give everyone hope if they aren’t haters. With that said, I hope you don’t become jaded with this whole reality show deal. I’m sure you guys will keep things in perspective and ignore twats like these assholes below. Don’t let the head swell either. We love you as you are. Go Ty and Frannie!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZJG32RL4QIU7DGGA2YOW5ZVB4 cassl14

    She’s 18 dumbass, an adult! Parents don’t have a say regardless. You call him a user, I have seen so few couples in my life so in love. Why are you on here if you feel this way about them? Get your own life and leave them alone you negative loser.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZJG32RL4QIU7DGGA2YOW5ZVB4 cassl14

    I find him very attractive. Your probably too stupid to understand the appeal of INTELLIGENCE. Your as bad as a shallow man, judging on looks. Plus, he is cute. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZJG32RL4QIU7DGGA2YOW5ZVB4 cassl14

    Do you know him personally to make that sort of claim? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZJG32RL4QIU7DGGA2YOW5ZVB4 cassl14

    Your a weirdo dude. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZJG32RL4QIU7DGGA2YOW5ZVB4 cassl14

    I couldn’t agree more. I think she’s got a good pretty little head on her shoulders. And a good circle to keep it that way. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZJG32RL4QIU7DGGA2YOW5ZVB4 cassl14

    You are much more diplomatic than I, well said though. She’s a hater period. 

  • Lisascook

    Give Tyler the respect he deserves. He is talented, smart, and provocative. Some of the comments make Francesca out to be a helpless victim. She appears to be a smart woman capable of making her own choices. Answer the question he posts. Don’t just spew jealous hate.

  • Oops_no_more

    Tyler is awesome! He is a man of his word! He is not an out of touch celebrity. I know this through experience.

  • http://twitter.com/Photo807 Whitney Brown

    I’m not a fan of big age gaps in relationships. I find it slightly creepy most of the time, but this video is beautiful.  The deep feeling you get from this is awesome.