• SC

    She looks a bit like Audrey Hepburn on the picture where she bites a rose

  • Angelina_reeves

    wow shes so beautiful in these pictures! Love it!

  • Julissaroman

    Crystal Reed is beautiful!! I love her so much, i don’t even pay attention in Teen Wolf when she’s talking cause she’s soooo pretty. Hahaha, honestly. ?

  • http://twitter.com/flappinflapjack Lissangy Rodriguez

    MY GOD! she’s gorgeous ! I love the show. Especially the men in it! Tyler Shields and my fave celebrities always leaves me panting for more. 

  • Sadf

    Tyler Shields is an obnoxious fame seeker.  He’s using the Eastwood family for fame,

  • http://twitter.com/Stephanieescx Stephaniee.

    yes dylan o’brien tyler posey fan!! :) x

  • http://twitter.com/Stephanieescx Stephaniee.

    yes dylan o’brien and tyler posey fan!! :) x

  • FeatherRae

    Was lucky enough to work on an indie film recently. She’s so sweet and super talented. Tyler you’re superb!

  • http://twitter.com/FeatherRae Feather Dayle

    Was lucky enough to work with her recently on an indie film. She is incredibly talented and super sweet. 

  • Jackie


  • lil’ missy


  • Lea

    She’s so beautiful!! please do a shoot with tyler hoechlin and dylan o’brien !!!

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  • Ms.A

    Absolutely Gorgeous!! I love Tyler Shields photographs! and Crystal Reed is just so pretty!

  • Slowshutter

    I think I’m in love. Nice work here Tyler

  • Molly

    when are you going to make a black and white book? Hardback please.

  • Guest


  • enrique loves you

    I’ve never wanted to be a flower so bad in all my life

  • kelly :^)

    anyone know the song in the video?

  • Dr. Clyde

    that black and white shot is fuckin dope

  • (rad)

    I think the name of the band is “the rapture”, not sure the song name though

  • Viv

    He’s doing nothing different than how he was before he started dating Fran

  • Tati549

    i wonder if that flower tasted good..

  • Tatiana

    I wonder if that flower tasted good..

  • hdiva

    Tyler, you and Francesca are the only thing that’s interesting on the reality show. Dina Eastwood: “oooooh Tyler’s dangerous” stupid, creativity isn’t dangerous. I haven’t seen anything too dangerous. BTW have you thought about working with average people, or even really ugly people. Beauty is too easy. 

  • Chevellejnj72

    Who cares sit back and enjoy the photos

  • Shakira

    Incredible ! Love her on teen wolf !

  • RachelOrue

    My husband always makes fun of me for watching Teen Wolf. It’s just one of my guilty pleasures. I am sure if he saw these pictures, he would want to come in to the living room when I am watching it next time.  Shes freakin gorgeous.

  • Luke Skywalker

    Your are the best photographer ever!

  • http://twitter.com/lizziefreshhh Liz

    I love your video diaries and when they’re backwards. It takes a while to realize that this is in fact not going forward! I love that you question what’s happening!

  • Sara

    she looks gorgeous! tyler please do a photo shoot with tyler hoechlin and dylan o’brien! i would just die of happiness!

  • http://twitter.com/gaby_cookiesbsb Poderoso Cacahuate

    i love the eyeliner

  • earthangel8418

    I love Teen Wolf! These photos of Crystal Reed are beautiful

  • Lindsey

    These really are amazing photos and I love your work..there is this unique edginess to it that amazes and freaks me out at the same time…don’t know how that is possible but you pull it off.

  • :)

    Fell in love with the smile and those dimples immediately :)

  • VasquezJeancarlos23

    All I care is about her when I’m shawing TeenWolf all I care is about her I don’t care about other and the last park of season 1 part 12 is my favorite one the way she kiss scoot is crazy she didn’t care the he was a wolf and that’s what I call true love and be the way nice pic ;-)<3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicole-Anderson/100000640526832 Nicole Anderson

    absolutely amazing

  • CoolFrigginBeans

     The Rapture-
    “Out of the races and onto the track”

  • http://twitter.com/OralsWilliamson Orla Williamson

    You are a stunner! Tyler you did an amazeballs job… AS ALWAYS!

  • http://twitter.com/OralsWilliamson Orla Williamson

    Crystal you are a stunner! Tyler you did an amzing job… AS ALWAYS. Continue this and you will be up at the top or even beyond the top ! Sorry if that is cheesey but it’s the truth. I am completely in L <3 VE with all your work Tyler!!!!!!! xoxo ———Orals :)

  • Tracy

    ugly looking bitch. her face and everything.

  • :)

    She’s very average looking to me.

  • Millie

    I wish he would do something with Dakota Blue Richards, she’s beautiful and has amazing facial structure

  • crystal reed fucka

    I downloaded the photo and it’s titled “crystal-reed-dirty” fuck you Tyler Shields