• http://twitter.com/kandaenemy kandaenemy

    Hello. :) Song of my day is “Say” by Girl In A Coma. Would love to see you work with them! I think you may like them.

  • Thedjjuanc

    yo!!!!!!! yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!

  • Laure

    Hello nice photoshot! ;)

  • KL

    hello out there! song of the day “video games”

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/audreymouillaud/ Audrey Mouillaud

    It’s always a pleasure to admire your photos. My song of the day? I would rather say song that I just listened. It’s Give Your Heart A break by Demi Lovato.

  • MariaP(:

    Hmm, Song of the day?  Of Monsters and Men – Little talks . This art is beautifuL!
    Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

  • Samanthajgilliam

    Baby’s on fire by Die Antwoord

  • Ria D

    Devil town by Bright eyes..

  • Lindseycam08

    Song of the day should be People Help The People by Birdy!

  • Amy

    love these!

  • Nilra

    You two,were this morning On Bethenny’s Talk Show :-)

  • Nilra

    Sorry. “You two were GREAT this morning on Bethenny’s Talk Show :-)

  • http://jessbuckley.com/ Jess Buckley

    I agree with you on the self portrait thing! We all pick our own photos apart, but when they’re photos of someone else, it’s easy to choose the best one. Don’t be hard on yourself.

    I love the drama in your photographs. Such passion and vivid colors. When I take photos they’re all pastel. It’s so cool how even through a lens & photo editing, everyone has their own signature style. I could pick one of your photographs out of a stack of 100 others!

    Best wishes,

  • koko

    i love this it makes me happy

  • Alice

    wow! I love it! made my day :*

  • Agaath

    Only when you where very young

  • Riot Grrrl

    more like the song ‘Seductress’ by The Raveonettes..soo good.

  • Sarah

    song of the day: Taiki & NUlight – Infinite :)

  • dave

    you must like fat chicks. 

  • koko


  • Lover

    Best couple in the world!

  • Tyler

    Demi would love that

  • Cyberhe

    How does it feel to exploit that young baby girl ………You are a fucking pedofile. Afew months ago you coud have been arrested for rape.

  • Jasmonkeyboy

    Tyler is full of himself he is the retardedest person ever can’t believe he got that hot of a girl u can’t stay awake for 48 days retard grow up and be a man dum a

  • Jasmonkeyboy@aol.com

    Start saving money for a hair transplant ok u going bald

  • Humandaquin

    you are not smart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicole-Anderson/100000640526832 Nicole Anderson

    so hott

  • Pomdancexoxo

    What the fuck is wrong with you people! I feel sorry for all of you with your low self esteem crying out for attention bullshit, you hate Tyler but you come to check out his blog? Makes alot of sense

  • beckiebate

    if you feel this way about him, why bother to spend your time on his website and waste your energy with your useless comments?

  • anon.

    Stop being rude. He takes photos of what and who likes because he can and is able to. He is a little weird. But calling him a pedophile is completely vulgar and unnessecary. Also, Francesca is not fat at all. If you’d look at other photos of her, you’d know. But you’re all too busy posting crude comments on Tyler’s work. Oh, and why are you concerned about his hairline? lol yours is probably worse! ;) xoxo