• Butemashka

    I like it so much

  • Alice

    WOW! SO adorable!!!

  • fucking_fabulous_

    omg love this!

  • smash n bash

    I fucking love this!

  • Shannon

    Man your black and white stuff is pretty incredible. I’d love to see a whole series like this. Keep up the great work, hope you have a good trip

  • Tylershieldsisapedophile

    You’re an idiot.

  • http://twitter.com/Stayawake_ ?anessa


  • Rebeccagrl123

    its stupid if she really risked her life for a photo..why?cant even tell that’s her in the picture. Although i’m a fan of Tyler shields and his work but not a fan of this picture.

  • Wowericawoz

    Your grammar sucks, bro!

  • Nobodyknows@aol.com

    Nobody knew who this guy was until he highjack the Eastwood family. if Mr. E was more involved with this filming, this Shields old man hanging out with his “not yet mature” daughter will not have lasted a minute in this “picture”.

  • WhySoNegative

    I’ve known who Tyler for about 5 years now…the only reason I watched an episode of Eastwood and Company was because Tyler was in it. 

  • Bridgetseth91

    Love your work but you need to add more fierce models! I love Francesca but they just look so innocent.

  • luvsburninprints

    Im really diggin your creativity…have you ever thought of painting with light?

  • Meghanberritto

     his grammar sucks on purpose..

  • http://twitter.com/LinneaLoree Linnea Loree

    So are you.

  • Ms.Daniels

    Same here!!!! I have been on the other end of the industry for about 6 years and he has been on my list of photographers that I have always wanted to work with.

  • Douche

    Tyler I think you should establish credit where credit is too…fag.- Love,

    Your Best Friend.

  • Shannon Allen

    Me too! Watched it for Tyler, and knew about him way before he was so famous.

  • sdfg

    Tyler Shields is a hack. Just copies other photographers’ styles.




    not too sexy.. just SEXXXXYYY