• Anonymous

    Run-on sentence.

  • Kristina Elizabeth Nielsen

    yeah it is!

  • Kristina Elizabeth Nielsen

    Tyler I love all of the new things you have been doing!

  • brittany

    Yes i read it…it was dumb

  • Kristina Elizabeth Nielsen


  • CMB

    Sex is fun. Books are fun. Sex and books are fun. That’s a fact.

  • CMB

    Upon reflection I should have said ‘these are facts’.

  • http://www.styleiseternal.net/ Maria Alyssa

    Read it. It was ‘good’ the second was ‘okay’ but the third made me yawn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Miaisawesome Mia Bostic

    Nope, but what is with you and destroying things of value to make an artistic statement?

  • molly

    I read it and I am glad you’re burning it

  • Skylar22

    If your looking for an amazing classic, then of course this isn’t for you, no one claimed it is. However if you dig past ally the general idea and stereotypes like “mommy porn” then you can find a unique and amazing love story, you just have to be open minded and realize your not reading Shakespeare so of course it’s not that epic, but a simple fun read. In my opinion they got better as they go on, third was my favorite, more story and plot, less mindless sex. I dont think these books are for everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yoonzena Zena Yoon

    I honestly tried but couldn’t finish it, sorry. This is the first book since In Search of Lost Time that I started and couldn’t finish. And with the latter, I merely ran out of time. With this one, I coudn’t stomach the bad writing.

  • Scholar

    Your? No wonder you liked these books

  • jared

    Tyler catches hell for pictures that “objectify women,” but the jist of this is book a rich guy uses a young girl for light BDSM and it’s a hit. Did I miss something.

  • DKJ

    its selling for $2.50AU in the grocery store (Coles) down the road from me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephania.david.5 Stephania David

    50 shades of Grey was good, right now I’m reading 50 shades darker and i don’t know what to expect.

  • LetterV

    So Picky.

  • Anonymous

    like the way mr. Tyler Shields have used this book. f- prose. sign of epoch – starting point for masturbation.

  • melissa

    I am so glad your burning this trash, we should bring back book burning for books like this