This is my new series Chromatic. A huge thanks to everyone who took part in this series… Imagination is the idea of excellence art is the act of creating it!

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chromatic francesca eastwood

chromatic kiss

amazing photography

emily vancamp

emily vancamp gabriel mann joshua bowman ashley madekwe

emily vancamp joshua bowman

gabriel mann ashley madekwe

chromatic joshua bowman

chromatic revenge

chromatic clouds

chromatic space

color war


francesca eastwood

chromatic kiss

claire julien



chromatic lydia hearst

ali cobrin francesca eastwood adelaide kane






Gravity is the greatest enemy freedom ever faced!

What do you think about the Chromatic series?

  • rozi9

    Ive been watching “mrs eastwood and co” and on the show didn’t like you much. But you have some serious talent… your work is amazing and I can not get enough of it!!!! Love from SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!

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  • Shannon Leigh Ray

    Its not the same thing at all, she has close ups with paint/powder on their face and clothes, where tyler has creative and artistic scenes as well as the close ups, we can’t compare photographers to eachother because each one does things their own way, there will be similarities but each photographer will have his/her own flavour or version. And Tyler’s one of the best, just sayin.

  • MommaBear33

    very fun! I can believe all were exhausted by shoot’s end. Excellent job of persevearing to get good shots.

  • Avichal Singh

    You should look at some of the pictures of the Holi festival in India. I think the last photograph with the legs was the only one that really caught my attention. Loving all the color.

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