• Stacey

    Just a few weeks ago, I could have given this kid a run for his money with the tantrum. I have many chronic illnesses and received a call that my heart might be going next. Needless to say, I was pissed at the world for being given that news at age 25.
    And guess what, throwing a fit about it made me feel a little better. Get that anger and fear and frustration out of the way early on and all that’s left is laughter.

  • @itsanotherfreak

    If you are a child, tears always solved every problem. I miss being a kid hahahaha. Btw, you are so amazing Tyler.

  • repo28

    Tears have never solved anyones problems? Tell that to every woman who cried their way out of a parking ticket.

  • James

    This will be one of your biggest photos. Trust me.

  • patsfan12

    Fantastic. I see a wide range of raw emotion in my own children everyday. I love the simplicity of this photo. Just beautiful!

  • Friendofthefamily

    Would’ve been ironic if shot on a dairy farm….

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