Revenge Season 2

The Revenge cast came by and madness ensued! My favorite cast on TV the sweetest and nicest group of people… Also in case you missed them in the Chromatic series Click here Big thanks to Nick Wechsler for letting Connor punch you in the face nothing like brotherly love! Click here to see my new iphone cases!

emily vancamp

connor paolo punching nick wechsler in the face

emily vancamp joshua bowman gabriel mann

joshua bowman

christa b allen

gabriel mann christa b allen gun lick

gabriel mann christa b allen connor paolo

gabriel mann christa b allen connor paolo

gabriel mann christa b allen connor paolo

gabriel mann christa b allen connor paolo emily vancamp ashley madekwe Nick Wechsler joshua bowman

Make sure you check out the show if you have yet to see it ABC on sunday nights!

Do you watch Revenge?

Which is you’re favorite photo?

  • Anonymous


  • Laura Bertozzo

    It’s impossible to pick just one! They’re just incredible!

  • Faby

    I love this & I love this cast. Just PERFECT!

  • Nathiest

    Women love the show. I think it sux.

  • Laura

    The dagger / Emily Vancamp is amazing

  • Luna your work!!!

  • Gay4KatDennings

    Incredible! Love everything you do! Keep it up man! This stuff is inspired.

  • LisaLisa

    LOVE Revenge! fave photos are the last group shot and of course, the shirtless one of the “boys”

  • yikes

    tyler shields is a terrible photographer. someone explain to me why these people do shoots with him egg

  • paige

    I love the photo of Gabriel mann, Emily Vancamp and Joshua Bowman together! Such an amazing picture! : )

  • Art

    Shields has one riff and he just keeps going over it and over it. So boring.

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  • Luis

    All the pictures are amazing, I know you have more tyler, show us all of them

  • Elissa

    Is hard to pick just one but the dagger and Emily and her men

  • Robelyn de Jesus

    Incredible shots! My favourite would be the first one with the dagger.

  • e@n

    Anything with Gabriel Mann really… but using a gun prop? Not cool!

  • shana

    YOU are amazing Tyler ! ;p

  • Holly_95

    Love it always have good ways to explore different concepts and you are my fav photographer And hands down a fanatic of revenge the cast is amazing!!

  • David

    Mann too thin, and the bottom picture on his face
    seen a lot of makeup – 40 years all the same. It is strange that the
    photographer did not notice. This Amateur photography? And girls look good.

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  • Jamie Cuu Nguyen

    I absolutely love these pictures!!! I had the pleasure to meet Gabriel Mann at this restaurant called Indochine in Wilmington, NC. He came in with Amber Valetta when they were shooting the pilot & I waited on them twice while in out little town. Gabriel & Amber are both beautiful and treated me so well.

  • paddler15

    love the series and these photos are amazing! i agree with other responder… Mann is wayyy to thin this season!!

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  • Marq Clarq

    Sure look like a fun group.

  • Cathy

    Anyone who doesn’t like Tylers work CLEARLY doesn’t know photography. An artist can admire something and have fun with it at the same time. If you are jealous of Tyler simply stay. away

  • bianca


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  • janna roam

    Great photos, photographer, and models, definitely something I can see cast-members from Revenge posing for. My DISH coworkers and I love the show, and I watch it every week on my Hopper. It’s set to auto-record Revenge using Primetime Anytime, so I don’t have to set a timer, and I still catch all the drama, backstabbing and love triangles. With the more extreme storyline, it’s fitting that the cast do a photo shoot like this.

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  • Rhianna Roberts

    ALL of these pictures are very stylistic and original. Love them!

  • Art Man

    If you think these shots are good you know NOTHING about photography.

  • Eric Sutton

    watched it! your photos are better!

  • Iva

    first one for sure…, pure art!

  • Francesca Scardino

    Tyler your my favorite photographer ever and you and Francesca make a super cute couple(: #practicallyobssessedwithrevenge Totally miss Ms.Eastwood and Company!

  • Tefy.

    I love Emily and Josh! Thanks !

  • Chelsea Reeves

    that last photo, rich to the left of her, “poor” to the right. nice.

  • Tahnee

    Saw the new abc revenge tv spot on the AMA on Sunday. Was so excited to see your work being used! Congrats!

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  • kteeny

    Where the heck is Aiden?!

  • Maylich

    Amazing shoot !! I can’t choose ONE photo !! But i really like the one with Christa and the gun !

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  • Ashley

    Emily VanCamp is beautiful! Please do a photoshoot with just her. She’s so different and has that unique face that makes her so gorgeous!

  • EastOaklandPimp11

    Terrible photoshop. The last pictures, what happen to the arm? This is ridiculous.

  • Debby

    Love those! Would have loved to see some of Madeleine. 🙂