• lauren elizabeth

    i may be coming if i don’t have to work! i live here :)

  • Kat

    I would if I was in Ohio! I would ALSO be at the Great American Ballpark–to cheer on my SF Giants :)

  • Jose Gonzalez

    I would Love to go…but sadly I became unemployed last week here in L.A.
    My girlfriend’s family lives in Hyde Park Square I really like the neighborhood … Love your work Tyler. I just started my site a few days ago jegonzalez.com/matrixeyecandy/

  • Jennifer ferguson

    I wish I could attend but I cannot. I believe you met my sister in law Andi Baker. I love your work from a fellow photographer. Good luck with the show. The photos of Frannie are great also enjoyed the one of Morgan I saw on TV too. Jennifer

  • Bunnie

    I went last night and I got a picture with you where we are both screaming! ahhh! coolest picture ever. Your work in absolutely amazing. I am so happy you came to Cincinnati.