Smoke and Mirrors

We are the luckiest souls in history to be alive when we are and to see what we have seen never forget the ability you have to do anything you can dream.

smoke and mirros

The power of Mystery is often wasted on the troubles of the weak.

Do you enjoy mystery?

  • Lauren O’Nizzle


  • Evan

    Hi some of my favorite shots are of the Revenge cast.

  • Pam Diddy

    Oh Tyler, my dear. Where have you been all my life? :)

  • Fabiola de la Peña

    I love mirror photos!

  • DalyIllusions

    Many times the words that are not spoken are the most important clues to the meaning your existence. Mystery is the Veil that beckons you to Open the Door.

  • m. barber

    Gorgeous photo . ah but isnt smoking is a waste of living. It kills. Eh weak minds deserve to live how they choose. It’s a waste to expect to change someone. Life love breath and enjoy a great mystery!

  • TS

    Pam Diddy!!!!

  • TS

    How are you?

  • Eric Sutton

    great shot!