I just found out that one of the first photos I ever took and was the second photo to ever sell at a showing was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. It got me thinking of all the people who lost art work from this horrible tragedy such a sad thought… This was the first photoshoot I ever did with people and it was the first shot we took at the shoot I shot it on a very old very bad film camera and had to wait about a month to get the film developed because I could not afford it, almost 2 years later I had my first show on Cahuenga st In Hollywood the prints were small but the turn out was great The first photo I ever shot was the first one I ever sold after that a man walked up to me and asked me if there was a story behind this were they in love married anything, I told him the story and he bought the photo on the spot but insisted he take it with him at that exact moment out he walked and I never saw him or heard from him again until today when he informed me his now favorite piece of art was destroyed by rushing waters that carried the photo away god knows where

destroyed photo

Only 2 of these exist now I hope they are safe!

Have you ever lost something you made?

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    Is that Miss Caroline Forbes from TVD?