• http://twitter.com/msmonicabarber m. barber

    Gorgeous! Intrigued to say the least now… Just caught a vid of these on yahoo. Keep updating… Curiosity only kills stupid cats. Good job!

  • Amanda

    Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!

  • Tejnoor Kaur


  • brenna


  • http://twitter.com/Juliern67Julie Julie Macias

    very excited to find out more and see more pics! Ab is a great actress….

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  • Egapart

    Can’t wait to see it. I am really excited to see Tyler’s work as a director

  • jendames

    Just wondering who writes your info…very poorly written. Not being judgemental, simply telling you so you know what you’re putting out there. It’s “starring” not “staring”. Additionally, there is no punctuation, it’s just a run-on sentence. I know what a perfectionist you are, so would think this would matter. I am not saying this maliciously, so please don’t attack.

  • Elizabeth

    Yes, very excited can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  • http://twitter.com/Lj_Lyons Lj Lyons

    Excited to see this… like the premise a lot. I want some pictures done by you as well? Or has success pushed you out of my price range? lol

  • gab4moi

    Well I would watch any film with Ms Breslin listed in the cast on principle, but this looks intriguing, looking forward to the release!