• bianca


  • Charlotte

    Face reality, life is much more interesting that way? What a stupid statement – say that to someone who has cancer, someone who is depressed and can’t handle their life or anyone else who relies on medication for just that little bit of freedom. This is disgusting.

  • http://twitter.com/msmonicabarber m. barber

    This. Is. a. Statement! hehehe. And actually no, I’m not a pill popper! Ah… Vitamins yes! Cold medicine yes! Allergy meds on occasion, yes! Cant overthink it. haha! Where did you get that case? I want one! Have you seen the Olson twins purse with pills on it? Crazy expensive! http://cupcake-shop.com/2012/12/04/the-olsen-twins-55000-backpack-covered-in-prescription-pills/

  • http://twitter.com/Alaxandriak Alax Kemp

    I’m pretty sure he means recreational use, i.e. abusing pills. I completely agree.

  • Kat

    12 years clean and sober–so the answer would be: NO! Nothing stronger than an aspirin ;)

  • Lexa

    I take medication (pills) to help me cope with Bipolar disorder….so, I really hope you mean recreational use because there is nothing wrong with medication if used properly and for a legitimate reason.

  • Paola

    No I did use to take a lot because doctors told me too until I figured out they were all wrong and got me worst so now I’m anti-pills, they usually treat one thing and damage another so unless is an extreme case like a terminal disease it’s better to treat a cold with orange juice…

  • http://twitter.com/Khanyisa_T You’re beautiful?

    Why choose to see it that way? He’s being blunt while still being metaphoric and slightly sympathetic. ALL pills have side effects, whether we notice them or not. No one took pills a hundred years ago. No one took pills a thousand years ago! You control your own mind. A year ago I was diagnosed with Chronic depression, but I refused to take any pills, I dealt with my problems. I face the world and all it’s cruelty because under all of it, there is beauty. “Pills don’t solve problems, they just prolong them face reality life is much more interesting that way!”

  • Fede

    uhm, I think you didn’t really get the point.