Natural Disaster

When I made my way into the house it was difficult to walk through nails everywhere the peices of the soul of the house were broken and nothing was left I mean nothing until I made my way into this room where I found 2 items one being this dress which was a prize Possession, the dress tied to the closet it had seen hell and come back to tell the tale but after looking closely I noticed something even stranger one item had made its way perfectly onto a table untouched soaked in water for weeks then dried out a check for 12 dollars frozen perfectly and kept waiting for me. This house was underwater for weeks yet one check survived and pristinely I might ad weeks after this the house was bulldozed but I have it forever!

Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster

Did Robert ever get his 12 dollars?

Why was he paid 12 dollars?

  • m. barber

    This kind of destruction is sad Tyler. :(
    I always felt strongly when I first saw the 9th ward photos and they still leave me in awe all these years later. Maybe he will get his twelve dollars because of you… Now. Thanks 4 sharing this image.

  • Joel Murray

    Based on the coding in the lower right hand corner, the good doctor did get his $12.