• http://twitter.com/Yeremenko12 Nastia Yeremenko

    SOTD: Stromae – Te Quiero

    P.S. how well said! I feel that having been affected by your art so much, I’ll write my diploma work connected with it. I just feel it.

  • Chianne

    SOTD: Song For No One- Miike Snow

    This picture is ridiculously awesome, all the color really makes the eye stand out. Great post!

  • http://twitter.com/msmonicabarber m. barber

    Love the eye!!!! Very pretty! Is it a close up shot or did you edit it? Sorry I’m a bit visual sometimes so here’s my song of the day http://instagr.am/p/UC1b9-n6Ya/ oh I have another eye shot and I’m impetuous so I’ll share! http://instagr.am/p/T9Hy4Qn6TJ/

    Of course I agree the trick of any artist is to get exposure. Eyes definitely convey thoughts. All eyeballs on the work. It’s true… the dead giveaway for what kind of person you’re dealing with is in the eye. watch their eyes when they talk and you will know everything about a person. I’ll have to check out your photo lecture sometime when I’m off my mobile. Oh! So what’s your song of the day…?


  • jordon

    fucking awesome

  • http://twitter.com/JanVehrenkamp Jan Vehrenkamp

    You nailed it with that speech! 100%!

  • sarah

    i love and respect this page and the art.. but to make it more professional, someone should be paid to proofread and spell check the grammar /spelling problems. it would take the entries that go along with the art miles higher.

    for example, i found seven grammatical or spelling errors in this paragraph alone, (copied from above):

    The mouth tells you a story while the eyes tell you a thought… The goal of any artist today is to get eyeballs that is what you want you can create the best work in the world but if no one see’s it you can’t effect people…

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade, just respectfully pointing it out to help you look even more polished and professional.