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  • Jim Pera

    I liked these a lot. Quite stunning. And a very nice series. Funny, too.

  • http://MELLYLEE.com/ Melly Lee


  • Legendary Trolly

    I hate to sound negative, but this is stupid. He just takes pics, then photoshops them in random places.

  • Beth

    I’m quite positive that Tyler did not photoshop these images. The seduction of the suspense would be null in void if they were photoshopped, and even if they were they are still stunning!

  • http://twitter.com/msmonicabarber m. barber

    Photoshop! Blaspheme! These are brilliance! You are a master of craft. It took diligence to get these images. It’s about time your work was in a proper venue. The MoMa or any museum would be so very lucky to showcase them. I would defn love to see this series in a Museum.

  • http://twitter.com/ParkerScript Miki Parker

    This Photos don’t only Tyler work. This models amaizing!!! And author have specific imagination

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely love the Suspense project. Really hope there’s gonna be a making-of or something to see how you did it!!! How did you do it!!! 😛

  • Nacarckeckia Berserker Gio
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