• rice

    awesome double exposure! How did you manage to keep the first exposure so clean?

  • Shields

    Oh Tyler, this is spectacular! Beyond a double exposure, it’s magic! It says so much, you know I look at pictures for the emotional experience and a lot of aww. Usually, how did he do that, then I remember it’s your son, a miracle that makes miracles. That’s my technical version, lol. This is so much more, her pretty face, her lips playing to you with the camera. You use your photographer abilities and your personal connection with the people you photograph in a way no one could ever copy! Dad and I are here looking together and are so very proud of you, in so many way! Perfection!!!

  • Miki Parker

    Tyler… Can i see Devon again? Please. =)

  • Amy Said What?!

    I love the photos & video portraits of Francesca sitting in the street with the fire around her. And the Mouthful Series is breathtaking & so sensual. Brilliant! You are truly a creative genius & I pray to work with you some day!!