• Kat

    Merry Christmas Tyler!

  • http://tormentedsugar.wix.com/official Tormented Sugar

    so sweet!!! <3 I used to be reallllyyyyyy poor just a few yrs ago ..had no car…and walked to the 99c store to buy my daughters xmas gifts and a homeless man was sleeping next to the abandoned store next to it …i used a few of my dollars to buy him a winter hat …scarf and gloves…he was soo happy…and i would see him weeks after he would wave and say hi. Sometimes we have low times in our lives but our Low could be someone elses High Point..never forget that!! PS I still LOVE the 99cents store omg so much….best store on earth. #ghettofabulous

  • Roan

    a warm meal makes all the difference.

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