• John P

    Awesome; her and your work.

  • TreatsandThreads.com

    Fly as usual

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  • carmen

    you don’t need to get naked to get peoples attention you are old enough to know that

  • Shellybean

    She looks great!

  • janet

    the tongue cutting one is appropriate and suggested.

  • giarretti

    No, don’t cut her tongue. Kathy gives a helluva rim job.

  • Conley

    She is allowed to do whatever the hell she wants with his own body and she’s not looking for people’s attention because she already has it.

  • Conley

    her own body*

  • Cort

    Goes to show you that enough makeup and Photoshop can fix anything.

  • pamorama_j

    Kathy, you look GREAT!!!

  • vxxed

    Quit bein’ mean. Didn’t your momma ever tell you to say nothing at all?

  • vxxed

    She probably didn’t do it for attention. She’s an artist and wanted to make some good work; by the looks of it, she succeeded.

  • Sejanus

    please close the scissors…please!