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Love is Louder

Love is Louder was started by my good friend Brittany Snow and I could not be more happy to be involved we invited some amazing people over and had a shoot last night make sure you visit to see how you an get involved…
A special thanks to Brittany Snow, Alessandra Torresani,Haley Ramm, Ali Cobrin, Colton Haynes, Lydia Hearst,  Danny Trejo, Simon Curtis, Zelda Williams, Taryn Southern, Ashley Bell, Lucas Grabeel, Leven Rambin, Thomas Dekker, Electra Avellan, Shawn Pyfrom and Courtney Knowles! Also check out justjared and POPEATER

love is louder

Tyler Shields britney snow

Tyler Shields Haley Bennett

tyler shields alessandra torresanithomas dekker ashley bell

danny trejo ali cobrin electra avellan


simon curtis ashley bell

zelda williams

haley ramm

britney snow


thomas dekker


ali cobrin

colton haynes


alessandra torresani

shawn pyfrom

thomas dekker ashley bell

I have now reached my 29th day without sleep only 11 more to go to 40! I have broken the world record for most days with out sleeping and I am in the process of setting a new record!
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Lydia Hearst

18 days I have now been awake longer then anyone ever on record!

So Lydia and I got together the other night and she said “I am hungry” I said how about chicken she said amazing After I made her eat an entire bucket of extra crispy KFC I think she has now sworn off chicken I will also say I have never seen anyone eat an entire bucket of chicken let alone a girl that small! The quote of the night was “I will do whatever as long as you don’t make me eat any more chicken” Make sure you follow her on twitter or check out Lydiasdiary

Lydia Hearst

Lydia Hearst sexy

Lydia Hearst colonel sanders

Lydia Hearst kfc

Lydia Hearst hot

This shoot took place in a KFC people were hanging out eating while it was happening was funny for me to watch them as I am sure it was funny for them to watch us! Also we shot this on day 13
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A day in the life with Tyler Shields

A day in the life with me this is just a random day of shooting with a few people not to crazy of a day but fun none the less. This video Features Alex Pettyfer Alessandra Torresani Leven Rambin Lydia Hearst Haley Ramm Robert Fiely and Thomas Dekker. This was an amazing day and hopefully I will do another one of these soon! If you want to see some of the photos from this video here you go



YouTube Preview Image
This is a day in the life!
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Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin

Lydia Hearst Leven Rambin and a very old camera… So much fun so many crazy shots from this shoot. If it looks like we were having the best time ever that’s because we were! Leven is amazing Lydia is amazing what more can I say. There was also another actor who got in there but you will have to wait to see those.

Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin

Which side would you be on left or right?
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